Baloch Shohada Committee to organise programs on 13 November Baloch Martyrs’ Day

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 04:57 pm

Baloch Martys Committee Press Conference at Quetta Press Club

QUETTA: The Baloch Shohada Committee (Baloch Martyrs Committee) has announced on Monday to organise programs on 13 November ‘Baloch Martyrs Day’ to pay respects to the fallen heroes of Balochistan freedom movement.

According to details Mahzeb Baloch, the spokesperson of BSC, said that the committee will organise events in Quetta, Karachi, Tump and all other cities of Balochistan on 13 November to pay homage to those who paid the ultimate price of their lives for a bright future for people of Balochistan.

She appealed to all pro-freedom Baloch people and families of Martyrs to take part in the programs on Martyrs Day to prove the world that Baloch will never forget the goal of those brave men and women who sacrificed their present for the future of their next generations.

She said: “The events are aimed at highlighting the Baloch historical struggle for freedom and to pay tributes of martyrs of liberation struggle. On 13 November all Baloch should partake in our programs to reiterate their pledge to continue mission of heroes of Balochistan until victory.”

She said for past over 66 years the Baloch have faced gross human rights violations and at the hand of occupying forces and thousands of Baloch have been disappeared, expelled from their home and many hundreds were killed in custody by Pakistan security agencies.

She said it was almost impossible to compile the complete list of all Baloch martyrs but in the past decade at least 20000 Baloch have been disappeared and among them more than 1600 were killed in custody whose brutally tortured bodies were found in different areas across Balochistan.

“Hundreds of Baloch have been target killed by criminal death squads of Pakistan army and due indiscriminate bombardment by Pakistan Air force. Most of these victims were political activists who were struggling peacefully for basic rights including the right to be free,” she added.

She said it was because of the sacrifices and struggle of Baloch martyrs that today the Baloch nation is united on one point agenda of independence. The Baloch nation has jointly chose the 13th of November as Shahmeeren Balochani Roch ‘Baloch Martyrs’ Day’ to pay respects to the heroes of freedom movement and to renew their pledge to continue the struggle for freedom.

The Baloch Shohada Committee has appealed to all Baloch political party/organisations to stand united in paying tributes to Martyrs of liberation movement on 13 November to show that all martyrs are equal.

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