China – Pakistan nexus: Stealing of Balochistan resources

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 10:40 pm


Balochistan has been the centre of attention because of its vast coastline, enormous resources and strategic geographical location that is why every occupier wished to conquer Balochistan. From Nausherwan Adil to Pakistan all have attacked Balochistan to find a stronghold and loot Balochistan’s natural resources but the original owners of Balochistan ‘the Baloch people’ in their entire history have fought against the foreign invaders exercising their right to self-defence and for regaining their freedom.

The concept of contemporary colonial system has changed but the main reason of Pakistan’s occupation over Balochistan is still loot and plunder Balochistan’s natural resources. The exploitative history of last 66 years shows that from Sui to Gawadar and from Chamalang to Saindak, Reko Diq and Gadani ship-breaking yard all have benefited the occupier but the life of an ordinary Baloch reflects the life of a medieval shepherd which has seen no development and growth.

According to estimates at present Balochistan has at least 20 million metric tons of coal, 2 million metric tons Chromite, 3 million metric tons Barite, 1 million metric tons of Sulphur, a very large quantity of marble, 2 million metric tons of Gypsum, 27 million to 50 million metric tonnes of Iron and 16 million metric tons of Zinc, more than 300 metric ounces of gold, more than 50 metric tons of silver, and 23 million metric tons of copper in Chaghai district of Balochistan. In addition to them, dolomite, Fluorite, Limes Stone, Pumice and minerals, more than 60 more natural resources including at least 19 trillion cubic feet of gas and 6 trillion barrels of oil. Pakistan is currently stealing at least $42 billion dollars annually only from oil and gas reserves of Balochistan, this is only an estimate of the exploitation of Balochistan’s natural resources by Pakistan. It means because of Balochistan’s resources Pakistan is committing Baloch genocide as it commonly said ‘Pakistan need Baloch resources not the Baloch people’. Also Pakistan is using Balochistan as oxygen for itself that is why it will not easily end the occupation and human rights violations in ‘occupied’ Balochistan.

In the last few days the Reko Diq [project] has been the subject of discussions, it located in the North-western district Chaghai area in Balochistan. It is estimated that Reko Diq could produce about 200,000 tons of Copper, 250,000 ounces of gold and 600,000 tonnes of other mineral and according world market prices an annual revenue of $3.64 billion is expected from these natural resources. This mineral reserve will last for about 55 years and during this time it is expected to generate a revenue of over $200 billion. The rightful owners of these resources ‘the Baloch people’ are deprived of benefits from these resources because they do have control over it whereas Pakistan is hastily selling Balochistan’s resources at throwaway prices.

In the beginning the Reko Diq contract was given to Tethyan Copper Company, but later the contract was cancelled because TCC failed to present the resources feasibility report on time and showed very low prices because of China and Pakistan’s nexus.  Then the contract was given to four Pakistani and Chinese companies, at the time of contract the companies were only one month old, which clearly shows that these companies were invented especially for this [Reko Diq] purpose.

After cancellation of its contract the TTC filed a lawsuit in the International Court. On hand the case is still pending on the other hand Pakistan and its selected dummy government of Dr Malik and National Party was trying to reach an out of court settlement to sell Balochistan mineral reserves at cheap prices. This saga took a dramatic turn when a Pakistan journalists Mr Shahid Masood has revealed that TTC has made a deal with [government/Pakistan] under which the Tethyan Copper Company will repossess the contract under a different name and In return the TTC will transfer a substantial amount of $ 216 million bribe to the bank account of the son of Nawaz Sharif, PM of Pakistan, in London. The puppet Chief Minister Dr. Malik will get $ 29 million. The amount will be transferred to Toyota Showroom account of Shahid Baloch, a relative of Dr Malik Baloch who lives in Dubai. In addition, Sanaullah Zehri, a senior minister in Balochistan government, Mahmood Khan Achakzai, brother of governor Balochistan and Hasil Bezinjo, a leader of National Party will get two percent each. The Pakistani journalist did not dare to name the Pakistani Army but it obvious that such a huge deal is impossible without the blessings of army hence it is certain that there will be a large amount of money for the Pakistan military as well which so far has not been made public. This deal on one hand exposes the intentions of occupying forces as because of fear from pro-freedom Baloch forces Pakistan does not want to waste time to take advantage of Balochistan’s resources, on other hand it exposes the Pakistani stooges, the so called nationalists, that they were brought in power only to misguide the world that this deal is being sign with the consent of Baloch people.

The real Baloch patriots/pro-liberation forces who have always opposed the exploitation of Balochistan’s natural resources, however, say that they will never allow the exploitation of Baloch resources. They have warned the international community, especially China to refrain from signing any deal with Pakistan about Balochistan’s natural resources because the Baloch will not allow these projects and the international companies will be responsible for any harm done to them and their properties. The pro-freedom Baloch forces also say that after the independent of Balochistan they will welcome companies and investor of other countries to come and work in Balochistan on the conditions of Baloch people. Until then the Baloch will not accept and respect any agreement signed between Pakistan and foreign investors.

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