Balochistan: Saindak project oil Tankers attacked in Noshki

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 12:34 am


By Archen Baloch

Two Tankers carrying oil for Saindak project were attacked and partially damaged at Jorkain area of Noshki Balochistan on Tuesday.

The Tankers were on their way to supply oil for electricity generators and other machinery at Saindak Gold & Copper Project in Chagai, when they came under attack.

Saindak Project in Balochistan is one of the biggest projects in Asia where a large number of Chinese engineers are engaged in excavation of Gold & Copper against the will of Baloch people.

In return not a single penny is offered to the Balochistan and it is largely run and controlled by federal government of Pakistan.

The loot and plunder of Baloch natural resources at the hands of Chinese companies is not limited to Balochistan’s Chagai district only where Pakistan conducted nuclear tests which caused mysterious diseases in the region.

The entire coastal belt of Balochistan has also been subcontracted to Chinese military in the name of CPEC for Pakistan’s security interest.

It is also worth mentioning that Baloch are despise to see China becoming Pakistan’s partner in looting Baloch natural resources and help Pakistan to intensify Baloch genocide.

Although no organisation has so far accepted the responsibility for the attack oil Tanker but such attacks are mostly carried out by the Baloch Sarmachars – the Baloch freedom fighters.

Meanwhile the Baloch Liberation Front claimed to have attacked a coast guard check post in Ormara Balochistan.

The BLF spokesperson, Gwahram Baloch, informed media sources that Baloch fighters attacked Maniji Camp situated on Gwadar coastal highway.

Mr Baloch in his statement claimed that six rockets were fired at the coast guards camp causing major damage to it.

He vowed that that such attack against Pakistani forces will continue until the freedom of Balochistan.

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