Humgaam Press publishes two new books about Balochistan

Monday, December 14th, 2015 01:43 am


Two new books of Dr Shahzavar Karimzadi (also known as Dr Mostafa Baluch) have been published by Humgaam Press recently. The books are dedicated to victims of Pakistani and Iranian state terrorism including enforced disappeared political and human rights activists who have ‘kept the flame of freedom and humanity burning in the midst of tyranny and inhumanity.’

 Book 1: Methodology of Deception (2015) by Shahzavar Karimzadi

This is a very perceptive and pioneering book. It enlightens the reader to an understanding of current prevailing methodology of research on stateless nations, particularly to the Baloch nation. The book provides an in-depth and systematic exposition of prevalent research methods. The author successfully contends that any research restricted to preconceived supposition of the territorial integrity of such countries such as Pakistan and Iran seek only to validate and invariably approve the hegemony of these colonial constructions without consideration of the facts. To dispel this falsehood, the book effectively argues that there is a need for rational and objective research on such geopolitical structures.  The book concludes, by their very nature subjugated nations cannot be free, democratic and thriving unless they are allowed to be free from the shackles of such colonial theocratic and totalitarian states.

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Book 2: Dialectic of Regressive Errors (2015) by Shahzavar Karimzadi

In this book the author examines the legacy of the left in general and its role in Balochistan in particular. The book assesses diligently how the proponents of colonial geopolitical structures, from left to the right and the religious are united in belittling the Baloch freedom movement. It demonstrates the disastrous consequences of this policy wherever it has been applied and most specifically its marks in Balochistan. The author argues that the creation of arbitrary boundaries by colonial powers, which had little regard to the people living within those boundaries and handing these to local proxies during their departure only caused further problems for those people that had been forcibly segregated.  The author reasons that such colonial geopolitical structures cannot by definition be democratic and the only way to get out of the continuing cycle of ideological extremism, religious fundamentalism and economic deprivation is for subjugated nations to be given their overdue freedom. As without freedom there cannot be rationalism or impartiality and ultimately no democracy.

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