Afghan-Indian Relationship – Pakistan’s Jealousy!

Friday, June 10th, 2016 04:49 pm


By Archen Baloch
Balochistan – Today is Ramadan in many parts of Muslim world and all Muslims are supposed to be fasting including Pakistani Muslim. In Islamic teaching fasting doesn’t mean only abstaining from taking food and drinking water, but one has also to be as pious as a new born infant baby while fasting. By God decree he must also not tell a lie! But things in Pakistan are quite different.
A top trending hashtag, #ProsperousBalochistan, is currently under way in Pakistani social media, in which everybody assumed it as a golden opportunity to excel in lying largely reflective of Pakistani state narratives with keywords, like #Gwadar, #CPEC #RAW #China #India #Balochi, #Afghan etc.

So what is the urge of launching such a diversionary campaign in social media against Baloch freedom struggle with a ridiculous hashtag of #ProsperousBalochistan in the first day of holy month Ramadan?

World knows how much Balochistan is prosperous but the fact is that Salma Dam project in Afghanistan has hit the nail on the head perfectly and gave a new impetus to Afghan-India relationship beyond Pakistan’s imaginations.

One of the tweets is extremely interesting: “#ProsperousBalochistan but enemies are not able to digest”. The poster in Urdu reads: “Pakistani army has started building 100 dams in Balochistan. That is why India has become Jealous”. “Baharat ko Merchen Kaese Nalagen.

Reactionary to the core, Pakistan regards Indian and Afghan friendship as a nexus webbed around Balochistan freedom movement to destabilize Pakistan and the $290-million Salma Dam project’s inauguration on Saturday by Narendera Modi and Ashraf Gani has added fuel to Pakistani Jealousy all the more.

Balochistan freedom struggle is an indigenous movement. To Pakistani rulers especially Pujabi army, it is an insurgency incited by RAW to counterweight Kashmiri separatist movement. Ultra nationalistic whim of Punjabi domination never allowed Pakistan to become a true democratic state with devolved power bases. Baloch leadership on many occasions resigned to false hope that Pakistan one day may become a viable state that respects democracy. But alas, it never materialized! Rather, it adopted a Baloch Containment Policy that rendered Baloch to abject poverty.
Finally, gauging Pakistani prosperous Balochistan let us seek help from somewhere else. Since Pakistan does not allow International media enter Balochistan and assess Pakistani brutalities and its Baloch Containment Policy to abject poverty, therefore, Baloch do not have any option other than to request #NASA to help them photograph entire Balochistan’s landscape through powerful telescopes and find out that how many Californian skyscrapers, villas, commercial building, factories, universities, colleges, hotels or hospitals Pakistan has built in Balochistan since its occupation in 1948!

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