The brutal August

Sunday, August 7th, 2016 11:04 pm


By  Sohaib Baloch

The only happy August the Baloch nation ever experienced was that of 1947, when their land was freed from the shackles of slavery on the 11th day of the month. But since then it has been a recurring story of pain, misery, anguish and bloodbath.

Baloch nation has lost the very best of their political activists, leaders and members from various walks of life in this bloodthirsty month. On 19th August 1973 Ali Mohammad Mengal was killed by Pakistani forces. The year of 1974 saw Lavang khan of Dasht-e-Goran spilling his blood for the beloved motherland, whereas, only five days earlier Majeed Langove Balcoh had embraced martyrdom on 2nd August 1974 and two years later Safar Khan Zehri paid homage to the motherland with his blood. The brutal states of Iran and Pakistan continued their gruesome measures and many known and unknown soldiers of Baloch nation answered the call of motherland with their lives.

One of the most vicious was August of 2006, when Pakistani gunship helicopters and fighter jets wreaked havoc in the mountains of Taratani, Kahan Balochistan. In continued skirmishes, which lasted for many days, numerous Baloch died. Their leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti also embraced martyrdom and the sacrifices gave the freedom struggle much needed fuel. Javed Akhtar was also killed by Pakistani forces in the August of 2006.

The next year 2007 witnessed the murders of Dr. Khalid, Dilwash, Gulzar Marri, Shahmir Marri and many more. The subsequent years haven’t been kind either. Yaqoob Mehrnad was hanged by Iranian forces in August 2008. In the same year Altaf Baloch was killed when Pakisani forces opened indiscriminate fire on Baloch protesters in Turbat, Balochistan. The brutally tortured body of Rasool Baksh Mengal was recovered in the next August. In subsequent Augusts, amongst many others, Bahar Bangulzai, Ghulam Qadir Pirkani, Nazeer Bangulzai, Hakeem Baloch, Shah Jahan Langove, Zohaib Rodeni, Khan Mohammad Mengal, Mohammad Hussain Baloch, Nadil Gichki, Arz Mohammad, Mohammad Omar, Tariq Baloch, Tahir Baloch, Hameedullah Marri, Qadir Baksh Marri, Asmatullah Badini, Yaseen Zehri, Meer Jan Marri, Munir Shakir Baloch and Karim Mengal were killed.

One of the most ruthless incident was the murder of four cousins, Hameed Bangulzai, Tariq Bangulzai, Latif Bangulzai and Mehmood Bangulzai, who were all killed under custody of Pakistani forces in August 2011. They were all activists of student organisation BSO-Azad. Two years later Imdad Baloch of BNM and the beloved Raza Jahangir of BSO-Azad were murdered by Pakistani savage forces in the same month. Hundreds of others have also been murdered and thousands have gone missing in the month of August.

On 10 August, 2013 Pakistani army carried out an attack in Machh Bolan area of Balochistan and dumped the dead bodies of five previously abducted Baloch activists claiming that they were killed in a gun battle between Pakistani forces and Baloch fighters but in reality it was staged encounter. The victims were later identified as 28-year-old Bijjar Ahmad son of Ali Bux Marri, 35-year-old Paliya son of Nodhan Marri, 20-year-old Izzat Khan son of Wahsho Marri, 35-year-old Dad Ali son of Raheem Khan Marri and Wahid Bux son of Nabi Bux Marri.

The August is here once again and the brutalities have returned too. In last few days scores have been abducted by Pakistani forces from different parts of Balochistan. This will continue in coming Augusts too until the Baloch restore the independence of their nation state. However, the above numerous names and incidents also reveal the stanch and firm resolution of Baloch masses, who have decided to continue the struggle for freedom no matter what the costs are.

The Baloch leaders have the responsibility to harvest the sacrifices of fallen heroes and of those who are languishing in torture cells. Unity is need of the time and any more discordance will only add to the miseries of the already subjugated Baloch nation. It is high time that practical steps are taken for unity by all political forces.

Sohaib Baloch is a former activist of BSO-Azad.

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