Afghanistan: Baloch Freedom Day observed to commemorate 11 August, 1947

Sunday, August 14th, 2016 01:12 am


KABUL:  Balochistan’s Independence Day has been commemorated first time, after the occupation of Balochistan, in Kabul Afghanistan on Wednesday 10, August, 2016.

The event was organised by Baloch Shura and Baloch Community Afghanistan to shed light on Balochistan’s independence before Pakistan occupied it in 1948. The event was another positive step toward strengthening the Afghan-Baloch friendly relations and cooperation with each other.

Veteran Baloch intellectual Abdul Sattar Purdili Baloch has shed light on Balochistan’s history, its independent status and later its occupation. He said Balochistan’s status was different than other Indian states because Balochistan had direct relations with the Britain. He’s said the British Raaj has divided the Baloch political centre among three different countries. However, the Baloch nation has never let their thirst for freedom to quench or fade away.

The Baloch intellectual said that the current Baloch freedom movement is continuation of the struggle which was started after the martyrdom of Mir Mehrab Khan on 13 November, 1839.  He said on 11 August, 1947 Baloch nation has declared their independence which Pakistan and other neighbouring countries have acknowledged.  But, later the Pakistan governments’ intentions have changed and they conspired to occupy Balochistan.

He said first, they [Pakistani governments] suggested to merge Balochistan with Pakistan but when the Khan of Kalat presented this suggestion to the House of Lords and House of Commons for deliberation, both Baloch houses have unanimously rejected the notion of joining Pakistan and upheld the independence status of Balochistan.

“After the Baloch nation has refused to join Pakistan, the Pakistani state and its army have attacked Balochistan and forcibly occupied sovereign Baloch country on 27, March, 1948. Since, the occupation Pakistani forces carried out five military operations to crush the Baloch freedom struggle,” He added.

He said today Baloch in Balochistan and everywhere else in world are striving for their independence one way or other. “Such an esteemed meeting to remember the Baloch Freedom Day in itself is proof that every Baloch’s heart beats for freedom which neither Iran nor Pakistan can finish by their executions and kill and dump policies against Baloch people.”

He said Afghanistan should play the role of a friend which another friend expects from it. In fact, he said, “I believe an independent Balochistan can guarantee peace in Afghanistan and in the region.”

Ghulam Jelani Zawak, a Pashtun intellectual and anchor person for Kabul News TV, has expressed his happiness that Baloch nation have chosen a noble goal for which they are giving sacrifices. He said, “Unfortunately, we Pashtun on both sides of border are made scapegoat for the interest of Punjabi.” He said Afghans should consider the freedom movement of Baloch nation as their own struggle and support Baloch people on all forums.

He regretted that current Afghan government’s policies were still pro-Pakistan and against the aspirations of Afghan people, adding that, “I hope the new Afghan government will soon realise that Pakistan is behind all miseries of Afghanistan and Baloch are the only force that are challenging the real enemy of Afghanistan.”

He expressed his happiness about the event on Baloch Freedom Day in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and said that Afghan government need to provide more opportunities to Baloch nation. He said it was sad that the Afghan government has signed agreement with ISI to hand over enemies to each other. “It is a known fact that Pakistan only considers pro-freedom Baloch activists and leaders as their enemy. Can the Afghan government even think of taking such shameless steps which the Baloch and Afghan traditions and history prohibits?” He asked.

Baloch columnist and political activist Hafeez Hasanabadi has read out the message of Baloch pro-freedom leader Hyrbyair Marri at the event. Mr Marri in his message appreciated the fact that for the first time Balochistan Independence Day was commemorated in Afghanistan.

He said such events are important to inform Baloch upcoming generations that their country use to be free and sovereign and the current period of slavery and subjugation is temporarily.  He said like the British occupiers, the Pakistani and Iranian occupiers will be forced to withdraw from Balochistan, however, the Baloch need to sustain and continue their freedom movement until the invaders leave from their land.

Mr Marri’s in his message further said that Pakistan and Iran are looting Balochistan’s natural resources for the betterment and benefits of their coming generations and they are turning the Baloch into a minority in their own homeland. “Through exploitative conspiracies like the Gawadar project Pakistan is treating the Baloch like Red Indians and want to erase their name forever.”

He added that even though Baloch are fighting the war of their liberation and survival but if one takes a closer look to Baloch movement, the Baloch are playing a significant role and are at forefront in war against terrorism which is the main concern for the entire world. He said due to Baloch liberation struggle, Pakistan cannot openly use her religious extremist groups in Baloch populated areas as much as its using them Pashtun populated areas of Balochistan which are totally under their mercy of these religious forces.

Mr Marri in his message also talked about agreements between Ahmad Shah Abdali and Mir Naseer Khan Noori under which the Baloch and Afghan considered each other enemy as their common enemy. “After independence Balochistan will not allow even an inch of its soil to be used against Afghanistan as currently Pakistan is using Baloch territories against Afghanistan without the Baloch consent. The Baloch and Afghans will protect each other borders and will provide each other business opportunities.”

He said Pakistan is committing gross human rights violations including enforced-disappearances and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan but “Our neighbouring nations and the international community are silent on such crimes.” He appealed Afghanistan, India, United States and other allies to play their role and help Baloch regain their status of pre 1948.

Member of Afghan parliament Farida Hamidi Baloch said that Baloch everywhere in the world should unite to regain their historical status.

Well-known Afghan journalist and political social activist Nawab Momand said, “We appreciate the Baloch struggle but it is disheartening that Pakistan has succeeded in using the Pashtun FC as a hurdle against Baloch struggle.”

He also criticised the Pashtun leaders Mahmood Khan Achakzai and Asfand Yar Wali’s pro-Pakistan policies. He said that these leaders should have a clear policy about Baloch freedom struggle and stop the Pashtun FC being used against the Baloch people.

Gull Mohammad Baloch has read a beautiful Pashto poem ‘Sarmachaar’ at the event whereas general Mehr Ali Baloch has talked about Balochistan’s history in details.

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