Balochistan: Baloch nation to observe 13 November as Baloch Martyrs Day

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 04:59 pm


QUETTA: The Free Balochistan in a statement from London has announced to organise memorial events in Balochistan and abroad on 13 November to pay tributes to martyrs of Baloch freedom struggle.

Around 177 year ago when the British attacked and divided Balochistan into three parts, Balochistan was a united county. The Baloch ruler Mir Mehrab Khan and his companions embraced martyrdom on 13 November, 1839 while defending his country [Balochistan] against British aggressors.

The FBM said, “November, 13 has been chosen to pay homage to those brave sons and daughters of Baloch who sacrificed their lives and remained steadfast during the national freedom movement.”

Every year Baloch nation organise memorial services and events on 13 November to remember the struggle of their fallen heroes and renew their pledge to continue the mission of martyrs of liberation struggle.

“This day (13 November) is not dedicated to a particular group, tribe or personality, on this day we pay our respect to all martyrs regardless of their affiliation with any party or their status in society,” The FBM said.

The FBM said that on this day not only Baloch martyrs and victims of Pakistan occupied Balochistan will be remembered but the Baloch victims of Iranian state atrocities will also be remembered.

“The Baloch National Anthem, Baloch national flag and Baloch Martyrs Day are symbol of Baloch unity and proof that we are a separate nation. Civilised nations despite political difference, will not compromise on their national unity and national symbols.”

All free and civilised nations remember their heroes united and on specific dedicated days that is why the Baloch nation has also chosen 13 November as the National Remembrance Day for Baloch Martyrs to pay respects to their commitment and sacrifices.

FBM appealed the Baloch nation to remember all Baloch martyrs who paid the ultimate price of their lives for a better future for Balochistan and added, “on this day we renew our determination to continue to the mission of Baloch martyrs till victory.”

Meanwhile Free Balochistan Movement activists have announced to organise memorial services in Kabul – Afghanistan – Germany, Greece, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Remembrance Day events will also be held across Balochistan where the Baloch Salvation Front has also announced its support to the call of Free Balochistan Movement’s initiative to mark 13 November as National Remembrance Day.

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