Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct 44 people in two days to appease China

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 08:52 pm


QUETTA: Pakistan army, FC and intelligence agencies have disappeared at least 44 Baloch from different areas of Balochistan in past two days as Dasht offensive enters the 39th day.

The residents of affected areas fear that the unprovoked attacks against Baloch people residing near CPEC route are an attempt to appease China and pave way for ‘ethic flooding’ in Gwadar and rest of the coastal belt in Balochistan.

On Wednesday, the Pakistani forces attacked Shooli and Jamni areas of Dasht in Turbat area of district Kech Balochistan. They have harassed women and children and broke windows and doors of houses during their rampage.

They looted two cars, four motorcycles and a significant amount of cash and jewellery from the houses of innocent people.

During the Dasht offensive, Pakistan forces rounded at least 22 men, made them stand in one line and then loaded them the military vehicles.

The whereabouts all the abducted men remained unknown till the filing of this report.

Wednesday’s victims of enforced disappearance have been named as following:

  • Nazir s/o Haji Hayatan
  • Allahbux s/o Nabi Bux
  • Zahid s/o Allahbux
  • Brahim s/o Rasheed
  • Asif s/o Muradjan
  • Arif s/o Dad Muhammad
  • Yasir s/o Abdullah
  • Bashir s/o Haji Hamza
  • Ibrahim s/o Khan Mahmad
  • Murad Mahmad s/o Ibrahim
  • Javid s/o Mahmad Murad
  • Nasir s/o Haji Karimbux
  • Omar s/o Jan Mahmad
  • Siraj s/o Haji Wahidbux
  • Karim s/o Shambay
  • Yaseen s/o Nabibux
  • Majeed s/o Hasan
  • Navid s/o Haji A.Rehman
  • Abdullah s/o Din Mahmad
  • Momin s/o Hasan
  • Navid s/o Haji A.Rehman
  • Imran s/o Baqi

Separately on Wednesday, Pakistan paramilitary forces abducted at least 11 people from Barkhan Balochistan.

The arrest and disappearances of innocent Baloch by Pakistan army, FC, and intelligence agencies from all over Baloch have become a routine practice.

The new chief of Pakistan army, Qamar Javed Bajwa, visited Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan, on 6 December 2016 and pledged “all necessary assistance” to the government of Balochistan and “zero tolerance” against terrorism.

Baloch pro-freedom parties and Balochistan based Human Rights groups say that the newly appointed General will follow the suit of his predecessors in Balochistan and will continue or even may accelerate the ongoing state-sponsored atrocities against Baloch nation.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Pakistan forces carried attacks in Mashkey, Kolwah and Nokjo Rendek areas and abducted at least 11 people.

Seven of the victims were abducted from Kolwah and four from Nokjo Rendek.

The disappeared people from Nokjo Rendek have been named as Habib son of Mohammad, Noora son of Mohim Khan, Munir son of Yousa and Salaam son of Mulla Hasso.

Seven men abducted from Gumbad Chani area of Kolwah have been identified as Rasheed son of sardo, Dilmurad son of Sawali, Jamal son of Haysho, Shoaib son Azeem, Munir son of Imam Bakhsh, Atta son of Ramzan and Aqilo son of Moosa.

Pakistani state forces have intensified their attacks against Baloch people all over Balochistan, especially, in coastal belt where China and Pakistan are busy building the so-called China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) and the Gwadar port.

On the other hand, pro-freedom Baloch political parties have rejected the CPEC and so-called Gwadar development project terming it an attempt to expel the local Baloch population and bring in more outsiders including Punjabis and Chinese.

The Baloch pro-freedom resistance organisations have also warned that they will not allow the exploitation of Balochistan’s natural resources. They have repeatedly warned foreign investors to refrain from signing any deals and agreement with Pakistan about Balochistan’s resources.

The Baloch resistance organisations say that Balochistan is an occupied territory and at present Baloch nation is at war against Pakistan. Hence the time is not ripe for the foreign investor to invest in controversial projects. They vowed to attack personnel and machinery of any foreign investor who becomes Pakistan’s partner in crime in plundering Balochistan’s natural resources.

In recent the past the Baloch fighters – fighting to regain independence of Balochistan – have carried out multiple attacks against Pakistani forces and Chinese exploration companies in different areas of Balochistan.

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