The true son of soil Suleiman Alias Ali Baloch

Monday, January 16th, 2017 04:22 pm


By Kahaan Baloch

I have never met our great freedom fighter, Suleiman Alias Ali Baloch who embraced martyrdom in the mountains of Kalat, Nemurgh when he encountered occupying Pakistan army’s death squads.

The Baloch Liberation Army issued a statement acknowledging his outstanding role in the organization while his close friends in his obituary wrote about his struggle and dedication to freedom movement and described him as a hardworking and honest Sarmachaar, (freedom fighter) who used to smile at the hardest of circumstance. He faced all the difficulties with courage and bravery.

All his friends and fellows recall that he was a soft spoken, humble person and extremely sincere towards the noble cause for Balochistan’s liberation. As a well-wisher of Baloch liberation movement, I have no word how to express my thoughts about the bravery and beauty of my freedom fighters and their priceless dedication and contributions.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder not in the face of the beholder. Baloch freedom fighter, Suleiman was among thousands of fighters who joined the pro-freedom resistance organisation – the Baloch Liberation Army in 2009. Soon after his death the BLA spokesperson in a statement said he served in Quetta, Khuzdar, Bolan and surround areas of occupied Balochistan and his sacrifices will be remembered in golden words.

The barbaric method of abduction, brutal tortures and dumping of dead bodies of freedom fighters in different areas of occupied Balochistan cannot dampen the spirit of freedom struggle because ideologically Baloch nation has decided to shed their blood for the independence of Balochistan and Suleiman was among those committed people who proved to be the true son of soil.

In 2010 Suleiman was abducted by Pakistani forces and subjected to brutal torture and inhuman treatment like thousands other Baloch freedom seeking activists but he continued the struggle more vibrantly day and night after his release from Pakistan’s torture cells.

Baloch nation is proud of their sons of soil who are resisting Panjabi occupation of Balochistan. We collectively and unanimously pay rich tribute to all those fallen heroes of Balochistan freedom struggle who are defending Baloch mother land with no or very little resources available to them but with great dedication, honesty, and firm commitment. They all will be remembered like heroes and great soldiers of the liberation.

Suleiman Baloch and thousands of other Baloch’s sacrifices calls upon us to unite our ranks if we are to survive as a nation and to achieve our goal of  free and united Balochistan.

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