Occupied Balochistan Foreign Policy: A fascinating reality for the world

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 02:16 pm


By Borodiin Baloch

Since the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan in 1948, two foreign policies have been regulated in retrospect. One policy by the occupier Pakistan and the other by those [Baloch] who have been striving for freedom of Balochistan. Pakistan’s foreign policy is based on terrorism being promoted by it in neighbouring countries and world, and the pro-freedom Baloch have their policy based on creating awareness in the world regarding Pakistan’s involvement and support to terrorism.

As a neutral Baloch, I would like to put a glimpse on Baloch freedom seeker Hairbyar Marri’s foreign policy, which is the diplomatic manifesto of Balochistan’s independence, being held by him from past decade and more, which has come true before the world today.

Not only Baloch nation, but neighbouring countries and their people also agree today about what Hairbyar Marri has been reiterating since a long time that Pakistan and Iran are promoting terrorism and Talibanization to sabotage regional, Western, USA and NATO peace and prosperity, thereby opening a gateway for Chinese economic, political, and military imperialism via Gwadar and Chabahar ports in Balochistan.

Since 9/11 when USA, West,and Afghanistan were on the same page to eliminate Taliban thereby supporting Pakistan for recognising her as non-permanent member of NATO in war against terrorism, Mr. Hairbyar Marri put it before the then proud world that Pakistan is the breeder of Taliban and the promoter of extremism, but the world didn’t pay heed towards him. What we witness today is that the world concedes a Baloch Mr. Hairbyar Marri’s analysis and believes that Pakistan sabotages Afghanistan’s peace.

Some are called national leaders who lead a particular nation but some are international leaders who have the potential to command the world affairs and what is fortunate for the Baloch nation that we have a leader like Hairbyar Marri Baloch who along with his Baloch nation, took the Afghan people too in Afghanistan that Pakistan is their enemy. The current attack on Kabul and public protests by Afghan people are a clear example of what I want to put before readers. His Charismatic leadership today attracted Afghanistan, India, USA, and Western world to revisit their policies regarding Pakistan and Iran. When the Iran nuclear deal was signed, Mr. Marri’s commented that: “The keys of hell are given to the devil.”

His saying came true today world is between scratching their heads about Iran’s dual policies. Like in Syria and Yemen Iran and Pakistan are promoting the culture of “Proxy Wars”.

Recently, Hairbyar Marri and his like-minded friends from the platform of “FREE BALOCHISTAN MOVEMENT” launched a series of protest demonstrations against China’s involvement in Gwadar Balochistan. Today it’s evident that China is a major contributor of logistic support to Taliban and extremists in the region.

What the world learned from a Baloch leader Hairbyar Marri is that the USA has finally shut down its military aid to Pakistan, Afghanistan has finally understood the dual nature of Pakistan and India has understood that the handover of Gwadar port to China is Pakistan’s clandestine policy to hamper Indian economic uplift. And for USA Pakistan has planned to engage USA and West in furthering the war with Taliban and open a pathway for China to dominate the world by stationing her submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, Arabian sea, and the Indian Ocean. This power struggle results in the domination of Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and the Far East.

Today it’s up to the world that their leaders should approach Hairbyar Marri because his approach regarding regional and global politics are true and being witnessed practically. The world should help Baloch for the restoration of free Balochistan and approach Baloch foreign policy maker and mentor Mr. Marri because still, the world has failed to wind up the chapter of terrorism and extremism, whose final solution may be a trustworthy consultation with Hairbyar Marri.

(I don’t have any affiliation with any personality or party, my analytic approach is based on neutrality, if anyone has had objection I will respect their point of view).

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