Civilised world’s silence on Baloch genocide is encouraging Pakistan to commit more atrocities: Hyrbyair Marri

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 02:37 pm


LONDON: The pro-freedom Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri said in a statement from London that Pakistan is fearing the popularity of the national liberation struggle, and have now also started to kidnap Baloch women and children. Pakistan is following the pattern of the 1971 genocide of the Bengali people – where the Pakistani army raped and killed thousands of Bengali Muslim women. Pakistani forces are abducting families of Baloch activists to use them as a shield, and to pressurise the Baloch pro-freedom activists to give up the freedom struggle.

He said, “If the civilised world and the UN had taken notice of Pakistan’s gross human rights violations, savagery, and aggression against unarmed Bengali people in Bangladesh and taken Pakistan to International Court of Justice, today Pakistan would not have dared to commit such serious human rights violations and repeat the history of 1971 in occupied Balochistan.”

Hyrbyair Marri said that in last few months the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies have started kidnapping Baloch women and children from Kahaan, Dera Bugti, Kech and Turbat areas of Balochistan. Some of the women and children were released after an ordeal of two weeks while some are still being illegally detained in secret dungeons of the Pakistani military.

The Baloch leader said Pakistan’s military and intelligence agencies, and their death squads and mercenaries have abducted thousands of Baloch including teachers, lawyers, and the other member of the educated section of Baloch society, and subjected them to brutal torture before killing them in custody.

He said, “The Pakistani forces also committed a massacre of the Baloch nation by target killings – using similar religious extremist organisations such as Al-Badr and Al-Shams, whom Pakistan used for the mass murdering of professors and students in Dhaka university in Bangladesh.

“In the past, the West remained silent in regards to Pakistan’s crimes against humanity and supported the genocide of Bengali people. Today, once again, the Western World is ignoring the genocide of Baloch by Pakistan.”

Hyrbyair Marri said that Western World and United Nations’ tradition of silence is providing the opportunity to Pakistan to commit Baloch genocide and blackmail the world using its influence in other countries. The silence of the world has also encouraged Pakistan to increase patronage of religious extremist groups, providing them training and support and succour.

The Baloch leader said that those religious extremists who were declared as terrorists by America and other democratic countries have been sheltered by Pakistan since long ago. The mastermind of Mumbai attack, Hafiz Saeed lives in Pakistan, under Pakistani army protection and he is used for spreading terrorism in the region.

It is evident that when the earthquake hit Awaran in 2013, all international aid agencies were denied access to Balochistan, but Hafiz Saeed and his Islamic aid organisations could have access to all areas of Awaran affected by the devastating earthquake with full state support and army protection. In order to counter Baloch liberation movement and turn Baloch secular society into a religious Gestapo, Pakistan created these extreme religious organisations, and now it’s fully patronising and facilitating them in Balochistan.

Baloch leader Mr Hyrbyair Marri said that the house arrest of Hafiz Saeed by Pakistan is a mere act of hoodwinking the new administration of America.

Mr Marri further said that as result of failed policies of previous American governments, Pakistan has successfully used American aid against America and international coalitions in its proxy war in Afghanistan, to turn American stabilising efforts into a failure.

However, when American congress stipulated that Pakistan can receive American aid only when it acts against Haqqani network, Pakistan resorted to blackmailing by moving to Chinese courtship. China has always been a supporter of Pakistani aggression, despite the genocide of Bengali people, China continued to support Pakistan, and in 1972 China used its veto power against Bangladesh and prevented it from becoming a member state of United Nations.

Mr Hyrbyair hoped that the new administration of America would revisit its policies towards Pakistan and Iran, and takes notice of Pakistani and Iranian war crimes against humanity in Balochistan, and would help and support Baloch nation to restore their lost sovereignty over their homeland, Balochistan.

It is the time the new American administration would take the cognizance of Pakistan’s double standard and make Pakistan account for deceiving America (and its allies), and for supporting and sheltering the religious terrorists in their territory, and for waging a proxy war against American and international stabilising forces in Afghanistan.

Baloch leader, Mr Marri urges the new US administration of President Trump, to stop giving military and economic aid to Pakistan (which Pakistan notably uses for promoting religious extremism). Instead, the USA should intervene in occupied Balochistan and help liberate it, as the security and stability of the region depend on the realisation of the national liberation of Balochistan.

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