Balochistan awaits a saviour

Sunday, February 26th, 2017 01:45 pm


By Meeran Baloch

Balochistan which is in term of the area is larger than japan, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Norway, Italy, and United Kingdom and rich of inorganic natural resources, was occupied by Pakistan in 1948. Since then Balochistan natural resources including Gold, Gas, chromite, and other possessions are being robbed by occupying Pakistani state.

Pakistan has also made China its partner in looting Baloch national wealth, both are taking away Gold from Saindak Balochistan. Now Pakistan and China against the will of the Baloch nation are looting Gwadar port. Pakistan needs money and China needs a stronghold in strategically import Balochistan where it [China] plans to build a naval base to counter the Gulf States, USA, and India.

The influx of Punjabi and Chinese in Gwadar will also convert the Baloch into a minority of their ancestral country – Balochistan, likewise the Aborigines, Red Indians and Maori whom were marginalised by colonisers of the time, the same fate awaits Baloch nation because of systematic ethnic flooding in Balochistan. Punjabi and Chinses will outnumber the Baloch population in Balochistan if the pro-freedom Baloch parties and organise fail to devise a united strategy to stop this influx.

According to the Baloch national leader, Hyrbyair Marri, the CPEC China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the destruction of the Baloch nation. We are witnessing a confirmation of his concerns in Balochistan where Pakistan in collaboration with china has started a military strategy of eliminating the Baloch population living in Gwadar and surrounding area on the route of the corridor, Pakistan’s continuous attacks in these regions are forcing people to migrate from their native and ancestral village and town.

Pakistan is using all forms of terror, barbarianism, and brutalities in Balochistan. The Pakistani army is committing the same crime in Balochistan against Baloch people as Hitler did against Jews, Turkey organised against Armenians, Genghis Khan, Idi Amin, Shaka Zulu, Pol Pot like butchers had done against humanity. All of these ‘murderers’ are considered a sign of hatred and anti-humanist but at the same time same barbarism and brutality are committed by Pakistan against Baloch but the humanists are silent and providing military, economic assistance to Pakistan. isn’t it a double-standard policy or ignorance of humanist people?

Moreover, when 3000 people are killed in Bosnia the international community takes action against it, similarly they took action against Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Sudan and UN passed one resolution after another against Israel but why the international community especially the UN is silent on massive human right violation of Balochistan?

Pakistan has abducted and disappeared more than 20,000 Baloch including women and children and brutally murdered more than 5000 Baloch in custody, the houses and huts of innocent Baloch are being burnt to the ground on a daily basis, people are being forced to migrate from their homeland. Balochistan awaits a saviour but the humanists and global community are soundless. The Baloch rights are also human rights. The Baloch lives are as precious as the lives of any other human being in the world but the silent of world on Baloch genocide is beyond comprehension.  How many more people should Pakistan kill to finally shake and wake the consciences of the otherwise motionless world?

Nevertheless, if the humanists and human loving nations around the world continue to remain silent over the Pakistani barbarianism against Baloch. The history of mankind will never forgive them and counts them as collaborators with murderous states and regimes like that of Pakistan and other like it.  Hence, the international community, human loving nations and individuals should step forward and take action against Pakistan’s genocidal policies in Balochistan.  Save the Baloch before it’s too late.

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