Balochistan betrayed by Employee and Ally: Hyrbyair Marri

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Speech of Hyrbyair Marri, leader of Free Balochistan Movement, on 23 February 2017. This speech was read by Jamal Nasir Baloch on Mr Marri’s behalf. 

I thank the organisers of this conference for inviting me to speak here today. We appreciate the efforts of the organisers of this conference for highlighting the issue of Balochistan.

Balochistan is composed of two words, ‘Baloch’, and ‘Istan’. ‘Baloch’ referring to the people and ‘Istan’ means land. Similar to the word Eng-land, land of the Angles.

Our history of struggle against repression and occupation is inspiring due to our commitment and sacrifice. We resisted against all invading powers including the Mughals, the Mongols and the British. The Baloch struggle against British Empire to regain their independence is well-known because in 1838 when the British wanted to attack Afghanistan via Balochistan. We, Baloch, refused to allow them to use our land to attack our neighbouring brotherly nation. In retaliation, the British army attacked Balochistan on 13 November 1839 and killed the Khan of Balochistan, Mir Mehrab Khan along with his Hindu Finance Minister Dewan Bucha Mull and hundreds of others.

When the British finally withdrew in 1947, they recognised Balochistan’s independence. The Pakistan administration and Baloch ruler had come an agreement and had signed the ‘standstill agreement’ in presence of a representative of the Crown – British government. Furthermore, on 11th August 1947, we declared our freedom. The news of our independence was well known. Balochistan relationship with Britain rested on several treaties that were signed between Britain and the rulers of Balochistan. One of these agreements was the 1854 treaty, which was ratified in 1876. Under this treaty, the British could station their forces in Balochistan and in return, they would defend Balochistan from any foreign aggression.

There are indicative and historical traces that the old British Empire also helped and encouraged the rulers of Pakistan to occupy Balochistan. Such acts either overt or covert are a blatant violation of the treaties that existed between Britain and Balochistan, in particular, the ‘standstill agreement’ and the ‘Treaty of 1876’.

In 1947, A few conscious-minded members of British parliament were alarmed about the direction that the British government was taking towards Balochistan and their support for the Pakistani aggression. The British parliament debated the CLAUSE 2 of Territories of the new Dominions on 14 July 1947. Sir Godfrey Nicholson, a conservative MP from Farnham, warned the house about the British hidden plan about Balochistan. He said: “If Baluchistan does not wish to join Pakistan, nothing in the world can save it from being forced to join Pakistan if the Bill passes in its present form; and that is a serious matter.”

Britain was an Ally of Balochistan, according to the agreements between the two nations. However, it was Britain, which played a large role in betraying Balochistan. Similarly to how Jinnah – a Lawyer, employed by Balochistan to argue its case of Independence with Britain– who became the Governor General of Pakistan, turned around and spearheaded the forceful occupation.

The British plan for Balochistan is also very clear in a secret memorandum to the British Minister of the state for the commonwealth relations. This document is dated 12 September 1947. The document reads: “Pakistan has entered into negotiations with Kalat on the basis of recognising the state’s claim to independence and of treating the previous agreement between the Crown and Kalat … [it goes on to say] … The United Kingdom High Commissioner in Pakistan is being informed of the position and asked to do what he can to guide Pakistan government away from making any agreement with the Kalat which would involve recognition of the state as a separate international entity.”

Pakistan without the support and the green light from Britain could not have succeeded in occupying Balochistan. Baloch resisted against Pakistani occupation from day 1 and our struggle continues until we regain our freedom. This is the best confirmation of the fact that we never wanted to be a part of this corrupt and cruel dungeon.

The so-called ‘Accession Treaty’ created in 1948, that Pakistani media and pseudo-intellectuals refer to in their statements and rhetoric are signed on two different dates. Jinnah signed it on one date and the Khan of Kalat on another date. There is no evidence when this agreement was signed, where it was signed, who signed it and in the presence of whom it was signed. There were no witnesses whatsoever! This is supposed to be an agreement between two states! How more absurd can it be? The fact is, even if you rent a house you’ll need witnesses and need to sign a tenancy agreement in presence of those witnesses.

More importantly, that absurd agreement was signed under duress because, during that period, the Khan of Kalat was taken hostage. According to Pakistani officials he signed the treaty by his own free will, we know this is all concocted by Pakistan, because we know instead of treating him with respect, they exiled him to Punjab and kept him under house arrest for 4 years, he was not even allowed to see his children and we are not even sure if what he signed was a blank paper. However, we are sure that he would never have willingly signed that document as both Parliaments in Balochistan rejected joining Pakistan and he would not have gone against the will of his people. Either way, whether he was coerced to sign the document or not, he was not mandated to sign it anyway. Can Queen Elizabeth alone decide to join or make Britain part of Germany? Without the consent of Parliament or the British people?

The Baloch struggle for their freedom is natural. What is unnatural is the Jihadist state of Pakistan headed by Punjabi Muslim army. Any rational and sensible person knows that Baloch struggle is for protecting its identity, freedom, democracy and rule of law is not terrorism. Let Punjabi army shriek as loud as they can and call our struggle whatever they wish. Terrorism is defined as “the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause.” This is exactly what the Pakistani army does in Balochistan. That is why the state and army of Pakistan do not allow independent media and human rights organisation to go to Balochistan and observe the ground reality directly.

In 1970-71 they killed, displaced and raped millions of Muslim Bengali people. They have destroyed the Pashtun secular democratic movement completely and used their jihadist suicide squad against Afghanistan the Baloch, and many different religious minorities. They launched three major wars with India. In short, the list of their criminal activities is endless.

Yet, there is no any other country that has received more financial supports from the rest of the world, either through begging, deceit, military and humanitarian help than Pakistan. These funds have gone to Punjab and its military rulers. Pakistan also relentlessly exploited resources of east Bengal for over thirty years, Sindh, Pashtun area and Balochistan for over sixty years.

Pakistan stands on the top among the worst colonisers. Even above the 16th-century Spanish conquistadors and the king Leopold II of Belgian in Congo. The Punjabi colonialism is a well-organised military and religious mafia complex that was created by the British Empire in India and then was offered a state. This establishment has no historical base, nationality, moral and ethical values, dignity and humanity. Its whole existence hangs on lies, deception, religious fundamentalism, violence, corruption, and pillage. That is the nature of the Pakistan and its Punjabi rulers.

Today, Balochistan is underdeveloped because it has been illegally occupied and colonised. That is the reason of Balochistan economic underdevelopment, poverty and deprivation. Balochistan has got all the necessary conditions to be a very developed, prosperous and a democratic nation. In particular, the last sixty years, Balochistan have had an unprecedented historical potential for social and economic progress and development. Because of its strategic location, natural resources. A free democratic Balochistan would have been different from what is now under the occupation of the fanatic states of Pakistan and Iran.

The economic, political, cultural, or other projects that are designed by a colonial state cannot be intended for the interest of the colonisers and in favour of the colonised nation. By its very nature the colonisers put their interest first and if it serves their interest then they impose it on their colonised nation. It is sheer nonsense to believe otherwise. Secondly, any project that concern Baloch nation has got nothing to do with Punjabi rulers of Pakistan or the rulers of any other foreign states. The legal legitimacy of any project in Balochistan determines, only and only, by the Baloch nation. Thirdly, it is utterly foolish to believe that Baloch themselves should not be in charge of their own affairs and economic development.

All imaginable indicators of termination point towards Punjabi rulers’ final days. They are on their last leg. All that hue and cry about the so-called Gwadar project as a game changer is mere to postpone their parasitical power a little bit longer. This project will never succeed under their colonial rule but it will strengthen the grip of the emerging aggressive Chinese totalitarian Empire. So long as this project exists it brings more misery, destruction, bloodshed, jihadist proxy groups, demographic change and marginalisation of native Baloch in their own homeland. All projects, economic or else, that have been dictated by Punjabi rulers of Pakistan in Balochistan have brought nothing less but death and destruction, more poverty, religious proxies and exploitation. The Gwadar project is not an exception. Punjabi army of Pakistan designed it, sold it, usurped the funds, stationed more army and security forces in Balochistan and displaced and killed more Baloch. We expected no more and anything better as long as Balochistan is under the occupation of Pakistan.

The outcome of China-Pakistan nexus is not much different from their collaboration with other powers and fundamentalist groups. They use anyone and anything as long as they can stay in power. This time it is China. But the Chinese empire is not interested in the fundamentalist rulers of Pakistan. A totalitarian Maoist state has no interest in a corrupt theocratic state of Pakistan. Its plan is strategic. The Chinese want to have a foothold in Gwadar and hence to have access to Strait of Hurmuz. This will enable the Chinese to build a naval base there to counter India and USA influence in the region. A cocktail that is made of Punjabi Jihadist Punjabi army and communist imperial China cannot be good for the democratic world, peace, and security and in particular for the Baloch. These powers have no scruples and the only law they follow is killing and plundering since they are accountable to no one.

As I mentioned earlier Balochistan potential for economic, social and political development is enormous. But currently, the occupying states are stealing the Baloch natural resources.

Over US$1 trillion worth of natural resources has been discovered in Balochistan including, Gold, Copper, Black pearl, Oil, Valuable Stones, Coal, Chromite, and Natural Gas. In addition, Balochistan has a coastline that stretches along with one of the world’s most important shipping routes i.e. the Straits of Hormuz. Balochistan’s resources are considerably more than what is needed to support the population of Balochistan. The abundance of natural resources not just will transform Balochistan into a developed economy but acts as a catalyst for the development and prosperity of the region.

We know our legitimate rights. We have never stopped our quest to regain our freedom and will not end our struggle until we regain our freedom. We experienced unimaginable brutality and exploitation from the occupying states and have lost too many of our best and brightest people. We have warned the world about the colonial fanatic states and their policy of using Islam to legitimise their cruelty and dirty deeds but the world paid no attention to us. We explained to the world that Islamic extremism, terrorism, militarism, violence are integral parts of the state of Pakistan. This artificial state only lasts in the midst of religious extremism, corruption, violence and regional instability. The world is slowly coming to our conclusion and accepting that fact that our analysis about Pakistan’s religious hooliganism is true.

Baloch liberation movement is a dynamic and viable force to remove this disastrous cancer. There is not a better option for the world powers than to support the peaceful and democratic struggle of the Baloch nation to regain her freedom. A free democratic Balochistan will end Punjabi religious hegemony in the region, which in turn liberate the Sindhi and Pashtun from the yoke of Punjabi army. It is then we will have an Afghanistan that is free of Pakistani suicide bombers and religious fanatics. Or else, there will never be peace, security, democracy, respect for human rights and rule of law so long as Pakistan exists in its colonial and fanatical form.

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