Hyrbyair Marri’s latest statement: A glimpse of Balochistan’s foreign policy towards South Asia

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 10:14 pm


By Borodiin Baloch

During the era of Cold War Capitalism and Communism were prevailing political and economic ideologies of the world. The diverse literature of socialism, Marxism and the Left-Right wing politics had created mutual rifts among different countries and people of the same country. That was years of complicated politics which differ both in theories and practical life for a common people. Hence, with the passage of time, the complications were replaced by national interests of every nation through economic progress and respecting each other’s customs and valves. In contemporary age, the foreign policy of entire world including those of socialist, communist and capitalist are based on trade, peace, humanity, and national interests which ultimately sounds Nationalism for every nationality holder.

Keeping in view the current statement of Mr Hyrbyair Marri that “The world should support free Balochistan”, the Baloch nation also ambitiously holds the opinion that despite Iran-Pakistan colonialism and China imperialism, the Baloch nation is parallel with the entire world regarding foreign policy making. The main contents of Mr Marri’s statement are divisible into two poles.

The first pole defines the colonialism of Iran and Pakistan, that ends into the illegal occupation of Balochistan, human right violation and rampant plundering of resources. The second pole discusses the haughty and imperialistic designs of China in the region which is regulating her policies through Islamic fundamentalist countries i.e. Pakistan and Iran whose conducts are crystal clear before the world, where evidence are on record that both countries have had their evil hands in mass-killing of people in Balochistan, Afghanistan, India, Syria and Yemen either through their direct military operations or dogmatic proxies.

This policy statement by Baloch leader Mr Hyrbyair Marri has a crucial significant on the war on terror and President Trump policy of eradicating fundamentalist Islamic terrorism from the world. Because of Mr Marri’s frequent reiteration that Pakistan is breeding ground for terrorism and that after the international attempt on the war on terror in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s influence on Afghan soil is diminishing. Whereas Mr Marri’s further added that Pakistan is using its blackmailing tactics to destabilise Afghanistan once again as it is witnessed when Pakistani military summoned Afghan ambassador on Sehwan Sharif (Sindh) blast, and immediately after which army with heavy military arsenal is deployed on Afghanistan-Balochistan border which is a direct violation of the sovereignty of both occupied Balochistan and sovereign Afghanistan.

Moreover, Pakistan in nexus with Iran and China are clandestinely working with each other to sabotage Mr Trump policy on the war on terror, which is evident from the fact that Iran and Pakistan are providing sanctuaries to militants and China is backing them on United Nation’s platform through her Veto power.

Baloch leader Mr Hyrbyair Marri has played regional as well as the global leadership role, by ionising the Afghan youth, Baloch en masse and other regional neighbours that Pakistan and Iran are monsters for the region and the world. This Baloch leader has brought the unity among the people of Balochistan, Afghanistan and India. Now it’s time for the leadership of India and Afghanistan to understand the wishes of their people, thereby supporting free Balochistan on all forum. This would bring prosperity, trade and safety to the region which Mr Marri added in his statement.

Mr Marri’s statement is worth bearing that in every walk of life Pakistan has sabotaged peace around South Asia whether it was Massacre of Bengali, Destabilising Afghanistan and pouring terrorist into India to launch Mumbai attacks or Pathankot attacks, just to confine India’s growing economy and providing a way to China. Despite all these Mr Marri hold the opinion that world didn’t stop Pakistan in doing so they emboldened Pakistan to kill Baloch and get away with its crimes against humanity in the same fashion as it did against Bengali people. Mr Marri’s point is legal and constitutional, like challenging Pakistan membership in SAARC, SCO, Common Wealth, OIC and non-observatory NATO member.

Suppose take SAARC objectives that are mutual trust, promotion of the welfare of the quality of the life of the people, economic growth, etc. Is Pakistan constitutionally eligible for membership in SAARC? Indeed no. Then why don’t the other members of SAARC dismantle Pakistan from the membership of the concerned organisation? Likewise, with NATO whose military logistics were plundered by Pakistani proxies and brought to the army of Pakistan.

Hence, Hairbyar Marri’s latest statement like his all previous statements negate all the obsolete claims of Pakistan that Baloch struggle for freedom is controversial, sometimes the struggle is ideologically blamed as either socialist, communist or by few Nawabs. It is, however, point blank before the world through this Mr Marri’s statements that Balochistan is an illegally occupied territory. The Baloch freedom struggle is based on democratic values and secularism without prejudice to any other political thought.

The world should support the restoration of free Balochistan. This policy statement is no doubt reflection of Balochistan foreign policy towards South Asia, where terrorism is being used as a major tool for foreign policy making by Pakistan and Iran. If the president of United States of America is committed to the eradication of terrorism then Baloch leader Mr Hyrbyair Marri should be taken on board by international powers because Baloch nation holds a significant land in South Asia and the Middle East, whose representation is must for the stability of the world.

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