Balochistan: Pakistani forces tortured three Baloch sisters in Dasht

Monday, April 3rd, 2017 11:15 pm


QUETTA: Pakistani para-military forces have brutally tortured three Baloch sisters on Monday in Jan Mohammad Bazar area of Turbat Balochistan.

Sources reported that the three sisters were beaten up and dragged in public for allegedly taking pictures of Pakistani forces atrocities in the region.

Locals of the region told Balochwarna News that when the brother of one of the girl tried to intervene and stop the military men from beating the Baloch sisters, the military turn to him and severally tortured him as well.

“They kicked the Baloch sisters with the gun butts and punched them due to which all of them briefly lost conscious,” an eye-witnesses told BW News adding that later the military gathered other people from Jan Mohammad Bazar and warned them not to take picture of Pakistani forces during their offensive, otherwise they will also suffer the same fate.

The condition of one the Baloch sisters was said to be serious.

Another similar incident, a contingent of Pakistan army broke into Jan Muhammad Bazar in Dasht in the early hours of Monday morning to carry out census against the will of the residents.

The locals resisted and refused to participate, terming it an evil design by the occupier to turn the Baloch nation into a minority in their homeland.

Pakistani army personnel responded by torturing and severely beating the villagers including women and children.

As a result of Pakistani forces rampage, a woman fell unconscious and several other were critically wounded.

Earlier on Sunday, the Pakistani army and para-military forces abducted at least four people from the same village in Turbat Dasht, Balochistan.

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