Balochistan: Pakistani forces conducted offensives in Kahan, Bolan and Dera Ghazi Khan

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 01:46 pm


QUETTA: Pakistan military, paramilitary and intelligence agencies backed by gunship helicopters conducted offensives in Bolan, Kahan and Dera Ghazi Khan regions of Balochistan on Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9, 2017.

Sources reported that Pakistani ground forces carried out attacks in Bambor, Trathani and several other areas of Kahaan Balochistan. They also used helicopters to indiscriminately bomb villages, killing dozens of livestock and wounding at least six people.

Residents reported that hundreds of Pakistani military personnel were involved in these attacks. They fired long-range heavy artillery and indiscriminately bombed the area with helicopters.

It is feared the number of casualties will rise as the affected areas are still under siege and Pakistani forces are continuing their offensives.

Separately, Pakistani forces also conducted attacks in several areas of district Bolan. They terrorised innocent women and children during their offensives and looted valuables from houses.

Meanwhile, in Dera Ghazi Khan Balochistan, several Pakistani soldiers were killed and many wounded in a gun battle against the Baloch Liberation Army fighters in Chathri area.

The Baloch Liberation Army spokesperson, Jeeand Baloch, informed media that Pakistani forces ambushed a patrolling team of the BLA in which two members of the organisation embraced martyrdom.

The BLA spokesperson said that several Pakistani soldiers were also killed and wounded in the gunfight against Baloch fighters whereas Pakistani media named one of the killed soldiers as Karma Afzal whereas the wounded included a deputy superintendent was wounded.

Jeeand Baloch said, “Our two fighters, Zulfiqar Masori and Peer Bakhsh Gorshani embraced martyrdom in the pitted battle while defending other friends of the organisation (BLA).”

He said that other BLA fighters have successfully broken the siege of enemy forces and reached to their safe places.

He in said during the entire battle gunship helicopter have been continuously firing at Baloch fighters but the enemy forces were defeated and they suffered heavy losses.

He said other than two BLA fighters “the rest of our friends are unharmed and safe,” adding that Pakistani force to hide their failure might have killed previously abducted Baloch in their custody and now they are claiming to have killed five people.

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