The failure of cashbox diplomacy and anti-American sentiments in Pakistan

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 05:25 pm


By Shahdad Baloch

On August 22, President Trump asked for Pakistan’s commitment and promises on the war on terror, by highlighting the American efforts of pouring billions of Dollars to Pakistan in the name of the fight against global terrorism. These commitments and promises were the funds that Pakistan received from America’s annual defence budget on the war on terror or in shape of Kerry-Lugar bill. Mr Trump courageously accepted that Americans faced frequent failures, despite their utmost efforts to combat Afghan war.

It seems from Trump’s speech on Afghan/south Asia policy that, in seventeen years of war, America lost a lot and gained nothing. The main reason behind the failure of American foreign policy was neglecting the region of South Asia by confining it as Afghanistan and Pakistan centric. South Asia is the region hitherto being judge by the western and American community as “The region of Islamic jihadi fundamentalists” where jihadi ideology is taught, manufactured and spread throughout the world. This perception of South Asia reflects when policies are being made based on ‘Pakistan as a strategic partner in the war on terror’.

On contrary, South Asia is also the region where secular thoughts are firmer and committed. The region includes the world largest democracy like India and countries whom have had their inclinations mostly towards secularism like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and occupied Balochistan. The basic division of South Asia is those countries who uphold secularism as their political thought and the nation which is fighting against Pakistani Islamofascist regime, the Baloch nation.

In the past seventeen years America is dealing with the devil to ensure peace in South Asia, but every effort of United States of America went in vane, the result of this decade and long Afghan war is that American – start and end to bring peace and harmony in the region is hampered by her partner Pakistan in every politico-military front, because the priority Pakistan held in war on terror is Taliban-centric and growing hatred against America – as ‘the enemy of Islam throughout the world’. The overall campaign launched by Pakistan is through the cashbox diplomacy with America, whose dollars are used against the interest of America, that is evident from the fact that President Trump himself is admitting that there are more than twenty outlawed organizations that are killing American soldiers, who are working under the patronage of Pakistani notorious agency ISI.

History is evident that Pakistan has not only worked against the interest of America but to the rest of the world. Pakistan was frontline state who sold nuclear weapons formula to anti-west and anti-American countries Iran and North Korea. Today these countries are on the page of evil designs to sabotage the peace of the world. Pakistan and her religious fundamentalist hold the sick ideology of destroying America and paving a way for China to patronage the world political and military affairs, so that, through China, Pakistan might get success in getting Afghanistan as her fifth province by further strengthening religious proxies and forever colonialization of Balochistan. Likewise, sharing atomic weapons with North Korea is an attempt to destabilize American ally South Korea.

Moreover, Iran is on her way to destabilize the Middle East through supporting proxies and regime topples. These states are pro-Chinese who want China’s supremacy and in return enjoy her veto power in security council against their expansionist and colonial policies. Their collusion is evident from the fact that despite chanting the slogan of Islam and labelling America and west as the enemy of Islam, Pakistan and Iran are silent on the issue of Xinjiang province, where China has suppressed the Muslim, even though Muslims are enjoying absolute freedom in west and America. Iran in one of her recent statement stated that interference in Syria is in their interests and it doesn’t matter that whether the ruler is a dictator or not, and Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei added that, they poured heavy amount for Bash-al-Assad’s survival.

President Donald Trump in his Afghan/South Asia policy pointed out two major factors which are causes of terrorism – ideological and territorial defeat of terrorism – the safe heavens and the ideology operating behind the evil thoughts. The former defines all those elements which are continuously provoking, financing and nurturing the fundamentalists thought against west and America, the basic literature of such thoughts is being prepared and dispersed through GHQ and ISI of Pakistan. Evidently, the support of this ideology came before the world when Pakistan became the first country to recognized Taliban government in Afghanistan.

The “Territorial defeat” pertains to all those territories which according to Donald trump are ‘safe heavens’ which Pakistan is providing to these ‘criminals, thugs and terrorists even looser’ as per Mr Trump. These safe heavens are widespread in Pakistan and there is evidence that under the patronage of ISI the big names of ‘Quetta Shura’ are harbouring terrorists in their camps in the occupied territory of Balochistan, where along with American and west, secular Baloch are indiscriminately being killed and dump. The evidence of which is killing of Mullah Mansoor in a US drone attack in Nushki, a district in Balochistan.

It is in the genes of the Pakistani army and their harboured terrorist that America and west are their enemies, despite the fact that Pakistan has gained a lot from the cashbox diplomacy with America. The dollar which circulates in the veins of Pakistani army, is being used for the nurturing of terrorists’ export and import throughout the world, but on contrary, the anti-Americans have soft and cardinal relation with China where the Islamic ideology is not valid for non-Islamic Chinese, which shows that religion is being manipulated for political purpose.

History in retrospect reveals that Pakistan and Iran are hoping a nuclear war between North Korea and America, another memory of the incident of pearl harbour, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which would profit China the fresh would be a firm ally of Pakistan and Iran against American policies for peace in the Middle East and South Asia. The prevailed theory is widespread among Pakistan, Iran and their religious proxies that if they themselves aren’t capable of 9/11 like attacks, then they would either give easy access to ballistic missiles to their harboured terrorists or instigate a nuclear war against America with their clandestine support to North Korea.

The ideological defeat of terrorism is only possible when America takes action against Pakistani GHQ and ISI and the problem with safe heavens can be cure when America starts looking forward for the Independence of Balochistan and supports the Baloch liberation movement and other secular nations in the region. The Baloch territory is being used by Pakistani Army for the safe sanctuaries of terrorists. The Baloch are secular Muslims and this ideology would diminish the ideology of fundamentalists, which is possible when the entire peace-loving world would support the Baloch cause of freedom from Pakistan and Iran.

Under cashbox diplomacy, Pakistan has formulated death squads against Baloch nation and used American military aid for Baloch genocide where thousands were bombarded by F-16 aircrafts that the US gave to Pakistani blood-thirsty Army. Pakistan military and politician might start their traditional approach to convince America and especially Donald Trump that Pakistan would support American policy, but this time it is incumbent for the American state department and congress that before any sort of dialogue with Pakistan, they should revise their seventeen years literature with special reference to Pakistan’s sincerity about war on terror. The basic notion is that Pakistan as a country is anti-America who enjoy the dollars of America but her actions are anti-American, dealing with Pakistan would end in the repetition of mistakes that previous administration of America made. It is time for America to be practical and immediately otherwise the result would be horrific for the entire region and rest of the world.

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