Balochistan: Pakistani forces conduct fresh attacks in Bolan and Kech

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 12:13 am


QUETTA: Pakistani security forces have started fresh military offensives in many areas of district Bolan and Kech Balochistan on Wednesday.

According to details the Pakistani military and FC, backed by gunship helicopters, have carried out fresh attacks in Peer Ismael and surrounding areas of district Bolan.

Several regions of Bolan remained under the siege of Pakistani forces from past few weeks and forces have previously abducted a number of women and children during their offensives in Harnai, Shahrag and nearby areas.

At least two of the abducted men were killed under custody and their bodies were dumped whereas rest of the abducted people including two injured women and children are still in the custody of Pakistani forces.

However, on Wednesday morning the Pakistani forces once again escalated their offensives and used gunship helicopters to bomb the houses of innocent Baloch nomads.

The Balochwarna News has learned that attacks were carried in Nishpa, Peydi, Sabzagi Wadh and other adjoining areas of Shahrag.

Several houses in the aforementioned areas have also been set on fire which included the houses of Pandi Marri, Tangov Marri, Qaisar Marri and Jhango Marri.

Gunship helicopters were seen shelling which caused fire and burned down many houses.

Meanwhile, in separate but similar acts of violence, the Pakistani forces conducted offensives in Siyaheji area of Dasht in district Kech and mountainous regions of Dramb between Dasht and Gwadar Balochistan.

Sources reported that both ground forces and gunship helicopters took part in these latest aggressions.

Residents of Gwadar reported that dozens of military vehicles have arrived at mountainous areas of Dasht from Gawdar whereas large numbers of Pakistani troops from Kech have started moving toward Dasht.

Moreover, the communication system in Dasht have been completely jammed and residents of surrounding areas have reported shelling by helicopters and loud noises explosions last in the evening.

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