Balochistan: Father and son including four abducted persons dead bodies found in Shahrag

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 12:59 am


QUETTA: The tortured dead bodies of at least four previously abducted Baloch activists’ including a father and his son’s dead bodies were found in Shahrag area of Harnai Balochistan on Sunday.

According to details, the Pakistani security forces have dumped away four dead bodies in Harnai region of Balochistan.

Three of the bodies were later recognized as that of Mistaag son of Mola Dad Mazarani Marri, Bangad Mazarani Marri son of Mistaag, Jondo son of Dostain Marri and the identity of the fourth one could not be ascertained immediately.

Sources said that the victims were abducted on 24 July 2017 during military offensives from the same region.

Pakistan forces have lately re-escalated their offensives in district Bolan and Harnai’s several adjoining areas.

Last week the Pakistani forces conducted air strikes in which more than a dozen people were killed including women and children. Hundreds of people have been abducted from the operation affected areas whose whereabouts remain unknown till date.


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