Pakistani minister prescribes genocide to resolve security issues in Balochistan

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 11:37 am


QUETTA: A Pakistani minister in Balochistan has said on Sunday that genocide is the only effective solution to address security issues.

Home Minister, Sarfaraz Bugti, during a meeting with local elders in Dera Bugti, said: “to save the future generations and for a prosperous Pakistan, there is no other option but to carry out genocide of ‘terrorists’.”

Several Pakistani Urdu dailies, which otherwise remain silent on Balochistan conflict, have printed the statement of Sarfaraz Bugti in which he also claimed that previously Balochistan was a no-go area, but the current government has succeeded in clearing the no-go areas.

Sarfaraz Bugti also heads a Pakistan army-backed death squad in the name of ‘Bugti Aman force’ who regularly abducted and kill pro-freedom Baloch activists and their family members.

In the past, other Pakistani ministers also issued similar threats against Baloch nation but Bugti is the first person to directly utter word ‘genocide’ against Baloch resistance organisations.

In April 2017 Chaudhry Nisar also told media persons in Karachi, “Only those who believe in Pakistan can be allowed to do politics here.”

On 17 November 2017, a Pakistan Senator Mr Farhatullah Babar has expressed concerns over the presence of ‘Gitmo and Bagram like’ torture cells throughout Pakistan.

“What is the number of these cells, how many people are languishing there, how many detainees are facing court cases, how many have died during interrogation… even Parliament and Supreme Court are not aware of this data,” he said during a Senate session.

Baloch human rights activists and pro-freedom political parties have long been complaining that Pakistani forces are committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Balochistan, but the international community has ignored the pleas of the Baloch nation.

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