Switzerland government urged to reconsider its decision about Brahumdagh Bugti’s asylum: BRP

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 09:05 pm


LONDON: The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) activists organised a protest demonstration outside the embassy of Switzerland in London on Sunday to urge the Swiss government to review its decision about the rejection of the political asylum application of their leader Brahumdagh Bugti.

A statement issued on the BRP’s official website explained that the demonstration was against the “unjust decision of the Switzerland authorities of turning down the political asylum application of Top Baloch leader and chief of BRP, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti.”

The BRP’s UK president Mansoor Baloch said, “The decision of Swiss government has saddened the Baloch nation that how could Switzerland deny asylum to Baloch leader, Nawab Bugti, relying upon the false and baseless allegations and propaganda of Pakistani authorities.

“Switzerland should review its decision and it should not overlook its code of neutrality, human rights laws and the western traditions. The denial of political asylum to such a well-known leader, only listening to the Pakistani side of the story and avoiding hearing us puts a question mark to Switzerland’s claims of neutrality.”

He added Pakistan state was involved in Baloch genocide and its army has recently escalated its military operations and offensive across Balochistan including Dera Bugti, Makuran, Awaran and other regions.

According to the BRP statement activists from the Baloch National Movement and son of Baloch leader Mir Javed Mengal had also joined the protest demonstration.

The government of Switzerland rejected Mr Bugti’s political asylum after a long wait of seven years. Baloch and other human rights activists on social media have constantly been urging the Swiss government to review its decision.

The Baloch social media activists have been using hashtag #GranBugtiAsylum to spread awareness about Balochistan situation and Bugti’s case.

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