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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 06:20 pm


By Shahdad Baloch

The frequent concerns of Baloch national leader Hyrbyair Marri were confirmed when the president of United States of America Mr Donald Trump officially announced his policy on South Asia. The emergence of Donald Trump as the president of the USA and Hyrbyair Marri as the leader of the Baloch nation has entirely changed the dimensions of the politics of South Asia. Terrorism, safe havens for terrorists, the necessity of other nations in policy making, has been the bold points of Mr Marri since decades but the civilised world has always turned a blind eye to the politics of South Asia which pushed the entire region on brink of war due to the ad nauseam policies of Pakistan and Iran respectively.

The announcement made by Donald Trump’s administration is an exhilarating factor for nations like India, Afghanistan and Balochistan which are in contradiction with the policies of the previous administration of America who poured billions of dollars as coalition funds for countries like Pakistan and made the nuclear deal with Iran, overtly. Iran and Pakistan have been involved in the nurturing of notorious politics with their evil designs, markedly their conceptualistic adventures in Afghanistan and the Middle East through their proxies by promoting Jihadist culture, which is an attempt to reduce the influence of America in the region.

The promoters of proxies-Pakistan and Iran are themselves the state proxies for the imperialistic country like China in the region, who acts as the guardian of both at the United Nation. Evidently, Pakistan and Iran are paving the way for China to penetrate and dominate the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf through the occupied territories of Balochistan. Their this attempt is to disturb the equilibrium of balance of power in the region but at the expense of occupied territory of Balochistan because Pakistan and Iran are afraid of the interminable resistance against occupation of their country and the Baloch nation’s determinations to regain their independence due to which both are on the same page to invite China for a confrontation in the region. What is unfortunate for China is that she for her haughty politico-economical designs is rubber-stamp of Pakistan and Iran because China is profoundly aware of the fact that her biggest threat in the one belt one road or CPEC project is through Baloch nation liberation movement despite this China is hoping to build a naval base in Gwadar at Baloch sea, which reflects the imperialistic designs of China in the region.

Trump administration first foreign policy announcement represents the foreign policy of Baloch national leader Hyrbyair Marri because it involves the question of Pakistani nukes, safe haven for terrorists, future of Afghanistan, the expansionist policy of China through Gwadar port and the emphasis of nation’s participation in the regulation of foreign policy for South Asia. Mr Marri has on several occasions highlighted the necessity and will of Baloch nation’s participation in resolving the Afghan crisis, cross-border management on the borders which link with Afghanistan through occupied Balochistan a transitional route for the export of terrorists on Afghan soil under the patronage of Pakistan, and the growing influence of China in the region. This represents that there is a coherence of foreign policy between Mr Trump and Mr Hyrbyair Marri, the similarity of which could be easily traced from the points of new US foreign policy which says;


The current foreign policy document of Mr Trump administration reveals the growing apprehension of Pakistan nuclear weapons and asked for performing the job of a responsible steward. On 28 May 1998, when Pakistan tested its nuclear bombs in Balochistan’s Chagai hills, Mr Marri was the first minister in the Provincial Assembly who opposed and resented Pakistan’s intention to use Baloch soil as its nuclear test lab.  Hyrbyair Marri was also the first in the world who forecasted that the atom bomb of Pakistan which they nicknamed as ‘Islamic bomb’ purported for Jihadi weapon is aimed to blackmail the entire world for the success of evil designs of Pakistan, which includes continuous interference in Afghanistan. Pakistan since long has been thriving to proclaim Afghanistan as her fifth province in the manner it occupied Balochistan in 1948.

Hyrbyair Marri’s approach is more realistic than America’s because he mentioned it on several forums that Pakistan sold its nukes formula to Iran and North Korea. Then how would it be satisfactory for Mr Trump that Pakistan should be a responsible steward, knowing the fact that Pakistan has assisted Iran and North Korea in the assembly of nukes? Pakistan has indeed built tactical nukes from the US coalition funds on the war on terror.


Since few years the USA has witnessed that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists. The chapter of this foreign policy under the presidency of Mr Trump lay emphasis that Pakistan’s support to terrorism is the alienation of the USA which indicates that USA is now committed to building relationships with Pakistan if all terror outfits under the patronage of Pakistan army and ISI are eradicated. But on contrary, Pakistan is denying the allegations of America and allowing ringleaders of terrorist groups like Hafiz Saeed to legalise its party under a parliamentary system and take part in upcoming elections.

The policy statements of Hyrbyair Marri has always been clear that Pakistan is breeding ground for terrorists and would never give up her support to them because they are widely being used as tools of Pakistan’s foreign policy in the region. Where Pakistan aims to conquer Afghanistan through these jihads, push America and pave way for China to replace the American influence in the global arena and hamper the growing economy of India in the region so that China could easily penetrate on the crucial regions with her imperialistic designs.


Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has always thrived to convince the regional and international community to focus the involvement of nations in their foreign policymaking particularly with reference to Pakistan and Iran which have illegally occupied the territories of Balochistan. Baloch nation is in the true sense a nation-state by any definition, ruling out the involvement of the will and consensus of the Baloch nation in the region no foreign policy would be fruitful.

The Trump administration should elaborate the concept of supporting all those nations who are suffering from terrorism and growing haughty designs of China, because the leader of Baloch nation Mr Hyrbyair Marri has reiterated on several forum and in his statements that an independent Balochistan will not support cross-border terrorism which destabilizes Afghan soil by adding that without consensus of Baloch nation no country like China is granted the favour to penetrate on the soil of Balochistan whether it may be CPEC or OBOR. The evidence of which is on record that Hyrbyair Marri has lambasted the participation of few European countries in the held summit of One Belt One Road project.


TrumpTweetPresident Trump’s New Year tweet about Pakistan’s deceitfulness shows that the American realisation of the fact that Pakistan is a dubious state and it has been fooling the US from past fifteen years, confirms all the apprehensions of Hyrbyair Marri. The Baloch pro-freedom leaders, especially Hyrbyair Marri, for decades have been raising voice and expressing their concerns before the world that Pakistan is global cancer. The current foreign policy of Trump administration is in coherence with the stance of Hyrbyair Marri which is evident from his decades and more collections of statements. Mr Marri’s statesmanship and foreseeing the happening around the world covers all the points of the USA current foreign policy for South Asia.

It is therefore pivotal that Mr Trump to seeks the assistance of ‘oppressed nations’ particularly Baloch nation whose national interest coincide with American foreign policy because both nations want peace, prosperity and economic linkage in Central Asia, Middle East and rest of the world, thereby denouncing the haughty measures of countries like China who is in coalition with terror-sponsoring states of Iran and Pakistan. The practicality of the success of the Mr Trump policy rests on his support to the Baloch nation as significant territories of Balochistan are occupied by Iran and Pakistan. The US must devise policies that emphasis on the concept of the Baloch national liberation struggle. Because the Baloch hold the representation but are deprived of their land of free Balochistan.

About the author: Shahdad Baloch is a political analyst and a regular contributor to BalochWarna News

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