Pakistan’s secret agencies abducted three Baloch students of Karachi University

Thursday, January 4th, 2018 02:29 pm


KARACHI: Plain clothed men have abducted three Baloch students including two brothers from Karachi in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The MA International Relations student Mumtaz Sajidi and Kamran Sajidi were picked up and disappeared from Madhu Goth, their brother Naeem Karim Sajidi posted on Facebook, “My brother Mumtaz and Kamran has been disappeared last night…”

According to eyewitnesses’ the plain-clothed men also were accompanied by two local police mobile. They checked the ID cards of all four brothers present at the time of the raid on their house then abducted Mumtaz and Kamran sparing the other two brothers.

However, later in the day sources told Balochwarna News that another student Saif Durzada Baloch was also picked up from his house in Madhu Goth. He too, like Mumtaz, is a Student of Karachi University and is enrolled in M.Phil Agriculture.

The Sajidi brothers belong to a poor family who originally are residents of Khuzdar Balochistan but have been living in Karachi for past many years.

In a span of two months Pakistani forces have abducted eight Baloch students of Karachi University which now raises questions about the role of University administration.

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