Balochistan: Pakistani forces disappear four people, remains of one person found in Panjgur

Saturday, January 6th, 2018 10:25 pm

Shoaib Ahmad Baloch

QUETTA: The enforced-disappearances people from Balochistan at the hands of Pakistani forces continue unabated as at least four more people have been abducted from different areas. The human remains of one person were also found from Panjgur on Friday.

According to details Pakistani forces raided a house in Zian Koh area of Dera Bugti on Saturday night and abducted one person.

The victim has been named as Hazoor Bakhsh Chandrazai Bugti.

Last week Pakistani forces disappeared over a dozen people from Zain Koh whose whereabouts remain unknown.

On Friday, Pakistani FC and intelligence agencies abducted a Baloch man from Turbat Balochistan. The abducted man has been named as Shoaib Ahmad son of Sarwar Zamurani Baloch, a resident of Alandur area of Buleda Balochistan.

In another incident, on Friday Pakistani forces abducted two people from Awaran Balochistan. One of the abducted men has been identified as Hussain Bakhsh son of Swali resident of Dalbandi region of Awaran whereas the identity.

Also on Friday, January 5, the human remains of one person were found in Piskol dam mountainous region of Khodabadan area in Panjgur.

PanjgurThe dead body was found buried in the ground and it was decomposed beyond recognition. The remains of the body have been shifted to the hospital to ascertain its identity.

A few days earlier on January 2, the dead body of a previously abducted Baloch teacher Noor Ahmad Baloch was discovered in Mirabad are of Tump in Turbat Balochistan.

It is important to mention that Pakistan forces have abducted thousands of Baloch and killed hundreds in their custody, and later dumped their bodies in desolated areas or buried them in mass graves.

Several people have previously been buried unrecognised because their identity could not be confirmed or there was no proper morgue in hospitals to keep them for a longer period so that the relatives of abducted Baloch from far-flung areas to come to confirm their identity.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has repeatedly asked the government to provide facilities to Quetta hospital so that they could keep the dead bodies for longer. They also demanded a proper DNA test of the decomposed bodies but govt has not heeded their plea so far.

Baloch human rights groups say that Pakistani forces have abducted more than 20,000 people and killed at least 5000 of them under custody. Most of the dead bodies that have been found so far bore marks of extreme torture and bullet wounds.

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