Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted three including two bothers, three previously abducted released

Sunday, January 7th, 2018 11:23 pm


QUETTA: Pakistani forces abducted two brothers from Pasni’s ward number 7 and Gwadar city last night while another man was abducted from Turbat region of Balochistan on Sunday evening.

The abducted brothers have been named as Jumma Khan son of Saeed and Wahid son of Saeed resident of Pasni Balochistan.

Sources told Balochwarna News that Jumma Khan was abducted from his house in Pasni while his brother was arrested from Gwadar city. Both men’s whereabouts remain unknown until the filing of this report.

In another incident Pakistani force abducted Saleem son of Rahmat from Absar region of Turbat Balochistan. He is a resident of Kalag Jakki area in Turbat.

Three previously abducted persons have been released and returned to their homes. Amir Bakhsh son of Ali Murad was abducted five months ago by Pakistani forces from Draski area of Awaran Balochistan. He reached home on Sunday evening.

Other two men who have been released were abducted on 17 November 2017 from Tajan in district Kech Balochistan.

The released men have been named as Shah Mir son of Shakkar and Shakkar. However, other people abducted in the same region on the same date are still in the custody of Pakistani forces.

Meanwhile, the dead body of a person was found from Pedarak’s Sari Kalag in Turbat district Balochistan.

The victim was identified as Majeed son of Peeroz a resident of Gwar Kob Sari Kalag area of Turbat.

He was abducted by armed men from his residence in December 2017.

The BLF (Baloch Liberation Front) in a statement said they arrested Majeed on 2nd December 2017 and executed him because he was Pakistani collaborator.

The BLF spokesperson also claimed that he [Majeed] confessed his crimes during investigation hence he was condemned to death.

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