Germany: New book launched containing stories of Baloch refugees among others topics

Sunday, January 7th, 2018 12:45 am


Berlin: Baloch activists affiliated with Free Balochistan Movement attended a book presentation in Berlin and contributed two books of Baloch senior lecturer of economy Dr Shahzavar Karimzadi also known as Dr Mostafa Baloch.

Civil society members, journalists, social media activists and a large number of University students attended the event and showed their interest in reading Dr Baloch’s books about Balochistan.

Mr Fateh Jan, a Baloch journalist and political activist, who also joined the event, said the book contains the stories of at least two refugees from Balochistan.

The book also contains the contributions of people who have recently moved to Athens from the Middle East, of Athenians who have lived there a long time, as well as of those who are based in Berlin but frequently visit Athens; brought together, they form a de-elitized and de-colonized remix of knowledge.

Krytyka Polityczna Athens is an anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist artwork. A hypothesis, and yet it was written actively on the ground. It clashes migration and education.

The book was presented by Joulia Strauss, artist, editor (Avtonomi Akadimia), Katja Ehrhardt, cultural scientist, organizer (Athen SYN).

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