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The Baloch Liberation Army claimed to have arrested the key informant of Pakistani military

Posted on 2014-07-26 ( 690 reads )

Kalat :

The Spokesman of BLA Jeehand Baloch, while talking to media outlets, has said that the main informant of ISI in heli-borne operation on 7th April 2014 in Parod has been arrested by BLA, during investigation he made graphic disclosures about other agents working for Pakistani army.

The ISI agent Bangul Khan confessed that two years ago Aslam Mohd Hassani met him along with an officer of Pakistani intelligence agencies and they gave him the task of reporting about camps of Baloch freedom fighters. He said in that meeting the army officer Colonel Tahir was also present. Col. Tahir tasked him for weekly reporting about BLA camps and their activities.

During investigation he said: “After failure to infiltrate in BLA, I joined another organisation and while delivering weapons to Deedagh (camp leader of another Organisation) I informed ISI about him and his two friends through their mobile numbers and they were arrested in a raid.

Three members of Baloch Liberation Army embraced martyrdom in Kalat operation: Meerak Baloch

Posted on 2014-04-09 ( 2366 reads )

Kalat :

The spokesman of BLA, Meerak Baloch in press release said on Wednesday that three members of their organisations ‘embraced martyrdom’ in the battle against Pakistan forces on Monday.

He said: “Sangat Ameer ul Mulk aka Jamal Jan, Gazzen Baloch and Shera Baloch embraced martyrdom on 7th April while fighting against Pakistani forces.

“On 7th April thirteen gunship helicopters attacked Parodh camp near Kalat, which were aided on ground with Special Operation Task Force (SOTF) commandos who tried to surround BLA camp in inner cordon of Moon Pattern tactics.

Despite intense shelling by gunship Helicopters the Baloch freedom fighters didn’t allow the enemy to strengthen its position. The three brave sons of motherland entered the lines of enemy and fought with great bravery in a pitched battle against the enemy, which broke the morale of Pakistani forces and the enemy faced heavy losses. The bravery of three friends completely foiled the evil designs of enemy’s operation.”

He said because of taking the bodies of fallen heroes to safe locations, the news of their martyrdom was initially not made public.

Balochistan: Three women and two children killed in Kalat Operation

Posted on 2014-04-09 ( 1487 reads )

Kalat :

Balochistan local media reported that at least two women and three young girls were among the victims of Kalat operation on Monday.

The victims were residents of Union Council Gazag Kaur area and among them are the wife and a daughter of Lashkar Khan Baloch, and the wife and two daughters of Noor Mohammad Baloch.

According to Balochistan media reports the state media and local authorities have completely ignored the killing of these innocent women and children at the hand of Pakistani security forces.

Pakistan security forces had conducted a military operation against Baloch freedom fighters in Paarod area near Kalat on Monday.

Balochistan: BLA shots down a gunship helicopter and accepts killings scores Pakistani Commandos

Posted on 2014-04-08 ( 2754 reads )

Kalat :

A spokesman of Baloch Liberation Army, Meerak Baloch, has said that Zarar and Karar Companies of Special Services Group (SOTF) attack a camp of BLA in Parodh area of Balochistan on Monday.

He said: “Our fighters, with their successful fighting strategy, foiled Pakistani forces plan and freedom fighters retaliated at the forces with full enthusiasm. The retaliatory attack by Baloch freedom fighters killed many commandos of Pakistani forces and injured several others.”

The BLA in their statement said that a Baloch freedom fighter in charge of anti-aircraft gun fought with great bravery and valour and attacked helicopters of Pakistani forces. One military chopper of Pakistani forces has been shot down and completely destroyed.

Pakistan Army Conducts Ruthless Bombardment of Kalat Region

Posted on 2014-04-08 ( 1963 reads )

Kalat :

Report by Shawn Forbes: Desperate to secure Chinese investment in the region, Pakistani forces have accelerated their offensive in Balochistan. Pakistan FC began a massive troop deployment this morning in the Kalat area in hopes of orchestrating an “endgame scenario”.

Residents in occupied areas of Balochistan witnessed dozens of Cobra Gunship Helicopters, hundreds of military vehicles, and Fighter Jets converging on the Nemargh, Shoor, Parudh, Nushki, & Suraab and other rural districts throughout the Kalat region.

BLA Sarmachar arrived soon after the assault began, to rally against occupying State Forces and rescue the besieged villagers. Baloch Sarmachar shot down a Pakistani AH-1 Cobra Gunship Helicopter and killed many FC Soldiers. Although an FC spokesman claimed only 10 soldiers were injured, local residents reported 5 trucks conveying dead FC Soldiers from the combat zone. Fierce fighting in the region between BLA forces and Pakistan FC remains ongoing.
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