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Pakistan’s secret agencies abducted three Baloch students of Karachi University

MumtazSaif Thursday, January 4th, 2018 02:29 pm 199 Reads

KARACHI: Plain clothed men have abducted three Baloch students including two brothers from Karachi in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The MA International Relations student Mumtaz Sajidi and Kamran Sajidi were picked up and disappeared from Madhu Goth, their brother Naeem Karim Sajidi posted on Facebook, “My brother Mumtaz and Kamran has been disappeared last night…”

According to eyewitnesses’ the plain-clothed men also were accompanied by two local police mobile. They checked the ID cards of all four brothers present at the time of the raid on their house then abducted …

Balochistan: Pakistani forces whisked away five people

Besima Thursday, January 4th, 2018 02:27 pm 191 Reads

QUETTA: Pakistani forces have raided a house in Sari Kahn area of Turbat and abducted at least one person on Thursday. Earlier, Pakistani forces abducted another four people from Dasht and Panjgur Balochistan.

According to details, Pakistani forces abducted Sajid son of Asad from Sari Kahn area of Turbat during a raid in which women and children were harassed and terrorised.

Earlier on Wednesday, Pakistani forces carried out a forces house-to-house search operation in Dasht area of district Kech Balochistan.

The victims have been identified as Akram son of Islam, Islam son of Peer …

Balochistan: Previously abducted Baloch teacher’s dead body found

NoorAhamd Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 07:45 pm 214 Reads

QUETTA: The Baloch teacher Noor Ahmad was abducted on 28 July 216 at a Pakistani security forces check post in Gehna region of Tump in district Kech Balochistan.

He remained in the illegal custody of Pakistani forces until Tuesday (January 2, 2018) when his dead body was found in Mirabad area of Tump.

He was a teacher at Primary school Pullabad in Tump as well as a resident of the same area.

The deceased was a maternal uncle of Canada-based Baloch political activist and chairperson of Baloch Student Organisation-Azad, Karima Baloch.

Mrs Karima Baloch …

Balochistan: Pakistani state brutalities continue against Baloch nation, several abducted from Dera Bugti

DB Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 07:22 pm 150 Reads

QUETTA: Pakistani forces conducted offensives in Dera Bugti’s several regions on New Year day and abducted at least nine people.

According to details, Pakistan forces and their local collaborators conducted brutal offensives in Dera Bugti’s Zain Loti and adjoining localities.

The forces harassed women and children and looted valuables of the residents before abducting at least nine people including three brothers.

The abducted men have been named as Bijili son of Shahnawaz Bugti, Lehri son Shahnawaz Bugti, Mando son of Shahnazaw Bugti, Bacha son Ali Murad Bugti, Kaheeri son Lal Bugti, Ayoub son …

Balochistan: Pakistan armed forces destroy Baloch houses in Panjgur

Panjgur Sunday, December 31st, 2017 12:40 am 164 Reads

QUETTA:  Panic has gripped many localities in district Panjgur Balochistan when Pakistan army carried out fresh military offensives and destroyed several houses on Sunday.

According to details, Pakistan army, FC, Police and their local agents surrounded Gramkaan and Washbod areas of Panjgur Balochistan and started house-to-house search operations.  The offensive continued for many hours during which the Pakistan forces blocked Quetta road and encircled the houses.

Pakistani forces have set several houses on fire after looting them off valuables and many houses have also reportedly been bulldozed.

Many people have also been abducted …

Balochistan: Pakistani FC convoy attacked near Kahan, BLA accepts responsibility

Balochistan Friday, December 29th, 2017 12:12 am 269 Reads

QUETTA: Armed men attacked a convoy of Pakistan Frontier Corps in Chappi Kach area near Kahan Balochistan on Wednesday.

According to details, a convoy of Frontier Corps (FC) was attacked with a remote-controlled IED in Chappi Kach area between Kohlu and Kahan in Kohistan Marri region of Balochistan.

Meanwhile, Azad Baloch, the official spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) informed media sources from an undisclosed location and accepted responsibility for the attack on Pakistani forces.

Mr Baloch said that the vehicle of Pakistani forces was heavily damaged in the attack and as …

Balochistan: Pakistan forces whisked away six people from Dasht

BalochArrested Monday, December 25th, 2017 02:28 pm 241 Reads

QUETTA: Pakistani security forces have abducted at least six people from Tehsil Dasht of district Kech Balochistan on Sunday.

Sources informed BalochWarna News that Pakistan FC and local police raided Drachko and Jattani Bazar area of Dasht Balochistan and subjected resident including women and children to severe torture and harassment.

The Pakistani forces abducted at least six innocent people during their latest offensives and shifted the victims …

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