Impartial nations and Human Rights Organisations should help Baloch and Kurds to get UN representation: Hyrbyair Marri

Posted on 2014-08-18 ( 1616 reads )
<a href=''>Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan</a>

London :

Baloch pro-freedom leader Hyrbyair Marri said that Pakistan has started indefinite barbarism in New Kahan Quetta Balochistan and Pakistani security forces are continuously terrorising innocent Baloch in their efforts to suppress Baloch voice for freedom. He said on going raids in New Kahan Quetta, abduction of hundreds of people and loot and plunder of houses are continuation of state’s conspiracy.

He said there are different measurements for human rights and humanity in the world. “The entire Arab world is crying for Palestine because the Palestinians speak the same language as them. On the other hand the Arab World is not only silent over Pakistan’s barbarism against Balochistan but they are helping Pakistan in its human rights violations against Baloch people,” he said.

He said similarly the whole world raises their voice about atrocities against Yazidi community in Iraq because they are scared of religious extremists of ISIS but when Pakistan indiscriminately attacks and bombs Balochistan the entire civilised world ignores it.

Hyrbyair Marri said: “Pakistani army is blatantly violating human rights in Balochistan and the only difference between them [army] and ISIS is that army commits crimes in uniform and the world supports them, but the Pakistani military’s ideology is same as that of Taliban and ISIS. The ISIS is massacring Yazidi and other communities in Iraq and in similar fashion Pakistani forces are involved in extra-judicial abductions, killings and military operations in Balochistan with complete state immunity.

Mr Marri said that the international community takes notice of human rights violations in Palestine, Ukraine, and against Yazidi Community in Iraq but they turn a blind eye to Pakistani state barbarism against Baloch people and the their bloodshed in Balochistan.

He said that some UN member states are using their status to only protect their own individual interests and helping others on linguistic basis. Such states, he said, are occasional humanitarian – they only remember human rights if their own interests are at stake or if their linguistic partners are in trouble.

Hyrbyair Marri said that Kurd and Baloch despite being two different nations have no representation at the United Nations and no one listens to their plea. Pakistan, Iran and Syria have occupied Baloch and Kurds land and along with exploiting their natural resources, the extremist military of these countries are terrorising Baloch and Kurds nations. They [Pakistan, Iran and Syria] have been indiscriminately bombing Baloch and Kurd villages but nobody from the international community and UN member states have ever questioned them for breaching the UN charter.

He said Pakistan, Iran and Syria have occupied and divided Baloch and Kurd lands but the UN and other international bodies neither talk against the illegal occupation of the lands of these two nations nor do they take notice of the states’ atrocities against Baloch and Kurdish people. In fact China is helping Pakistan in its atrocities against Baloch people.

He said recently when the Ukraine conflict started there also instead of humanitarian basis; interventions were made on basis of individual interests and linguistic similarities. “When Palestine is attacked they [international community] talks about disproportionality of power and says that Palestine does not have same weapons that Israel possesses. Why doesn’t the same rule of proportionality apply in Balochistan where Pakistan uses missiles and fighter jets against unarmed innocent civilians but nobody raises voice for Balochistan,” He said.

Hyrbyair Marri has appealed to impartial nations and Human Rights Organisations at the United Nations to help Baloch and Kurdish people to get UN representation so that after independence these two responsible and tolerant nations can play their positive role for peace and stability of world.

He said that Baloch national freedom struggle has psychologically defeated Pakistan that is why in retaliation Pakistani military was taking out its anger on innocent Baloch civilians by carrying out military offensives in different area of Balochistan including Naseer Abad, Mashky, Tump and New Kahan areas of Balochistan where women and children are harassed and terrorised during these military operations.

He said abduction of hundreds of people from different areas of Balochistan including in New Kahan on the eve of 14 August illustrates the mental defeat of Pakistan. He said after the illegal occupations of Balochistan Pakistan build a house in Ziarat and names it as ‘Residency of Jinnah’ and Dr Malik Baloch went there to celebrate the so called independence of Pakistan. He accused Dr Malik Baloch of collaborating with Pakistan to strengthen and expand the illegal occupation of Balochistan by celebrating the independence day of unnatural state [Pakistan].

He said people like Dr Malik are recognised as Jaffar and Sadiq in history and Dr Malik has forgotten the fact that Balochistan declared its independence on 11, August, 1947 and Pakistan illegally occupied Balochistan. “The collaborators do not realise this fact because their love for money and a seat [in parliament] has isolated them from the Baloch nation. For sake of their personal interest and luxury they are being used by ‘foreign occupying’ forces of Pakistan. History does not remember such people with good names,” he added.

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