The world including China should respect the collective decision of Baloch nation: Hyrbyair Marri

Posted on 2013-06-05 ( 1532 reads )
<a href=''>Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan</a>

London :

Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri said on Saturday that no one will be allowed to exploit Baloch coastal resources, the international community including China should respect the collective decision of Baloch nation. “The world should not make any agreement with Pakistan without the consent of Baloch nation,” Mr Marri added.

Expressing his concerns and disappointment over Pakistan’s handing over of Gwadar port to China, the Baloch leader said the entire world is witnessing that Baloch are sacrificing enormously in their struggle for their survival and Pakistan is committing atrocities to deny the Baloch their basic right to liberty because of which whole of Balochistan has become war effected area.

“Until and unless Balochistan’s conflicts is resolved and Pakistan ends the illegal occupation of Balochistan, nobody’s safety is guaranteed. The Baloch are the owner of everything in Balochistan but their own lives are not safe, then how can one guarantee the protection of foreigners and their investments? Pakistan in its efforts to counter the Baloch freedom movement can strike a deal with anyone for pennies and sell Balochistan’s national wealth,” Said Hyrbyair Marri.

The Baloch leader further clarified that, “We are neither against international investment nor do we oppose economic and diplomatic relations with the rest of the world. In fact in an independent Baloch state the international community will be invited and encouraged to invest, in accordance with modern market economy. Their investment will be protected in a similar fashion as Arab countries who established diplomatic and economic relation with the international community. Obviously mutual relations with international community will be made with the consent and approval of Baloch nation. However, Independent Baloch state will not be bound to respect any agreement that China or any other country makes with Pakistan without Baloch consent.”

Mr Marri while expressing his grave concerns said that Pakistan and China are going to turn Balochistan into a proxy war zone but the rest of the world instead of taking any action is playing the role of silent spectators. He said Pakistan and Iran are using China to stop the Indian and American influence in the region. It is high time the international community aptly responds to these evil designs. Because of Pakistan, Iran and China's actions will directly affect Balochistan and result in a human catastrophe.

“Baloch land, especially Gwadar port, will be used to interfere in Afghanistan and other regional powers’ internal affairs and to keep an eye on Gulf countries as the Chinese authorities have already mentioned that strategic location of Gwadar is very important to them,” Said the Baloch leader.

Hyrbyair Marri appealed to International and regional democratic powers to use their influence against this important and complicated issue to stop the Chinese expansionary measures and to support the Baloch freedom movement. The world should devise their policies in accordance with the ground realities [in Balochistan] and increase diplomatic and economic pressure on Pakistan. So, that it [Pakistan] ends the illegal occupation hence ending the killings and atrocities in Balochistan and give peace and prosperity a chance.

The Baloch leader said recent election of Pakistan has proved that Baloch nation has very strong bonds with Baloch liberation struggle. Despite using its full military might Pakistan has failed to even convince 2 – 5% people to cast their votes. The low turnout illustrates that the state writ is almost non-existent in Balochistan.

Expressing his grave concerns over the news of Saudi Arab’s support for Pakistan Mr Marri said the Saudi Royalty’s support to this state will be used in killing innocent Baloch including women and children. He said before helping Pakistan one should remember the saying of God that, “Killing one person is equal to killing of entire humanity.” In Balochistan under the systematic state policy every day dozen of people are abducted and each day 3-4 bodies of previously abducted Baloch are dumped in deserted areas. Mr Marri hoped that the Saudi authorities fulfil their human and moral responsibility and instead of encouraging Pakistan will urge it to stop its barbarism in Balochistan.

Hyrbyair Marri has appealed to Baloch nation to focus on their freedom movement more than ever because the new government like its predecessors, as usual, will use sheer force to stop people from asking for basic rights. But opposing their brutal policies and atrocities depend on our consistency in Baloch freedom struggle. Hence, all the pro-freedom Baloch friends should come together and form strong, permanent and ideological unity for the betterment of Baloch national struggle and thwart the evil designs of the barbaric state from succeeding.
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