Balochistan: Pakistani state atrocities continue unabated, four bodies of abducted Baloch found

Posted on 2013-08-20 ( 1802 reads )
<a href=''>Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan</a>

Karachi :

At least four bodies of previously enforced-disappeared Baloch activists have been discovered from Dera Bugti and Karachi in past 24 hours as Pakistan military offensives continue in occupied Balochistan.

According to details, the dead bodies of two previously abducted activists of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) have also been found in the Muhan Patt area where the offensive is reportedly underway at present.

The BRP in a statement said that, “The dead bodies have been recovered in such a terrible condition that it was nearly impossible to recognize their faces. One of them has been identified as BRP activist Ismail Bugti, who was abducted along with several other activists on August 14 in Zenkoh, Dera Bugti where a black day was being observed on the so-called Independence Day of Pakistan.”

According BRP statement several other activists of the party were abducted from Jeewani, Balochistan on August 14, adding that, “lives of the disappeared activists are at risk as the Pakistani forces have continuously been torturing enforced disappeared people to death and dumping their bodies in deserted areas and road sides.”

Meanwhile, two bodies of Baloch abducted persons have been found in Sarjani town area of Karachi on Tuesday (Today). Sources reported that the victims were strangled to death, their identity was ascertained by a paper notes found in their pocket as Ghafoor Baloch and Ramzan Baloch. Both men were resident of Turbat area in Balochistan.

Ten dead bodies have yesterday (Monday) been shifted from Mach town of Balochistan to Quetta for identification. Hospital sources said that the bodies are extremely decomposed and barely recognisable.

Local sources from Mach told BalochWarna news that Pakistan military has abducted and killed dozens of people since 10 August 2013 and people don’t even know whether their loved ones are still in custody of Pakistan forces or they have been killed and dumped.

Recently Pakistan forces have started to throw the dead bodies of previously abducted Balochs during operation and claim that these people have been killed in encounters. Pakistan is trying to get away with murder of Baloch political activists by such heinous crimes.

The BRP statement further read that, “Pakistan security forces have conducted a military offensive in several areas of Sui, Dera Bugti including RD 238, Muhan Patt and Deenari Patt. The civil populace of the areas has been indiscriminately attacked and their houses have been assaulted Pakistani security forces. Residents including women and children have been brutally harassed during the operation and several have been abducted.”

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