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Families of Baloch political prisoners protest against mass execution of their loved ones

Posted on 2013-10-29 ( 1004 reads )

Zahidan :

Families of 16 Baloch political prisoners who were killed during a mass execution by Iranian regime in Zahedan have strongly protested on Sunday Morning in front of the governor house.

According to "Human Rights and Democracy in Iran” a large number of residents of Zahedan along with family members of the victims gathered in front of the Governor’s office in the city of Zahedan. The protester demand from the Iranian forces to hand over the bodies of their loved one so that they can hold their funeral, pay the last respects and bury them.

It has been reported that the Police forces, Basiji forces and Mersad on motorcycles and cars have surrounded the families of the victims and they stopped the general public from joining their protest.

Sources on condition of anonymity told Balochwarna news that in most cases Iran does not hand over the bodies of the executed persons to their relatives. Usually the state forces bury them in mass graves and inform their families that their loved ones have been executed for such and such crimes.

Iran executes 16 Baloch political prisoners to revenge attack on border security guards in Balochistan

Posted on 2013-10-27 ( 1528 reads )

Zahidan :

The Iranian regime has executed at least 16 Baloch political prisoners on Saturday after an attack on its border security forces near Saravan region of Iranian occupied Balochistan. At least 17 Iranisn soldiers have reportedly died in that attack and seven others have been wounded.

Sources say the victims were arrested and put in solidarity confinement’s year before this attack. Their mass execution does not justify the state’s claims that these men could have been involved in the attack in any way. The killing has been termed as vicious, barbaric and against all norm humanity.

BBC News reported that, Friday night's attack in a mountainous region outside Saravan, on the south-eastern with Pakistan (occupied Balochistan), was blamed by Saravan's Member of Parliament, Hedayatollah Mirmoradzehi, on "anti-revolution guerrillas".

Balochistan unabated killing spree: Iran executes another 15 Baloch including two women in Zahedan prison

Posted on 2013-10-13 ( 2421 reads )

Zahidan :

The Iranian regime has executed at least 15 innocent people at the central prison of Zahedan city of Iranian occupied Balochistan on Saturday morning. The prisoners who were held under section 1 of youth imprisonment, Section 2 of women act, Section 5, section 7 and 3 were transferred to solitary confinement from the Intelligence Bureau in central prison of Zahedan and hanged.

Sources further reported that on Thursday 18 September, 15 prisoners from different sections and cells were isolated from the Intelligence Ministry and transferred to the central prison of Zahedan. Their all connections were cut off from rest of the prisoners and their families. There is great concern that three of the prisoners who have been transferred from the Intelligence Bureau are probably political prisoners.

During the transfer the victims’ faces were covered with sacks that is why it had been difficult to identity all of them.

The details of prisoners who were executed for each item is as follows : 2 people from section 1 juvenile imprisonment , 2 people from section 2, 1 person from section 5 , 2 female prisoners from female ward , 4 people from section 7 and 3 people from the information section.

Iran’s ‘moderate’ Rohani intensifies executions in Balochistan and Kurdistan

Posted on 2013-09-22 ( 1985 reads )

Zahidan :

8 people sentenced to death on charges of drug trafficking have reportedly been executed in Yazd prison whereas at least five people have been hanged in the central prison of Zahedan in Iranian occupied Balochistan on 21 September.

According to the Public Relations Attorney General of Yazd province, two death sentences for those convicted of these 8 persons have been ratified by the Attorney General’s request for commutation and pardon convicts Judiciary Committee rejected and eventually the death penalty in the morning of Thursday 19 September was carried out.

Balochistan mass executions: A group of at least five Baloch prisoners was hanged in the central prison of Zahedan on 20 Semtember.

According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran after nearly three days of waiting at least five Baloch prisoners in solitary confinement in Zahedan were hanged in the central prison. The names of the victims hanged in central prison of Zahedan are as follows:

Three people executed in the central prison of Zahedan, body found in Pahra

Posted on 2013-06-30 ( 1249 reads )

Zahidan :

The, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran, has reported that three prisoners were hanged in central prison of Zahedan, capital city of Iranian occupied Balochistan on Saturday.

The victims included one Afghan citizen and two others have been named as follows:

Arif Noorazai 37-year-old citizen of Afghanistan, he was jailed for 11 months in the central prison of Zahedan’s section 5. Sher Mohammad Kashani, 30 who was jailed for 2 years in the central prison of Zahedan’s section 7. Qurban Ali Sori 55 years old, he was jailed for 13 years in the central prison of Zahedan’s section 3.

Armed clashes in Iranian occupied Baluchistan, five including a police officer killed

Posted on 2013-04-24 ( 1353 reads )

Zahidan :

Armed clashes occurred between Iranian security forces and armed Baloch rebels near the Imam Ali hospital in Chahbar of Iranian occupied Balochistan on Tuesday.

Sources reported that an Iranian security official was killed and another injured in a battle against armed Baloch insurgents. Four Baloch were also reportedly martyred when they retaliated and resisted against the ‘what is described’ as occupying forces.

The deputy police chief of Sistan and Baluchistan said, “As soon as the presence of the police officers in the area was noticed. The residents of a home started firing to the officials and the deputy commander of the act that led the operations team immediately took over.”

According to the deputy police chief, four of the insurgents involved in the clashes were killed and several others were arrested. ‘Mohammad Shahbazi’ of the Chahbar police was killed when a bullet hit him in the Chest while another official has been wounded, he added.

Balochistan is our identity; we will not allow its division: Mawlana Abdolhamid Baloch

Posted on 2013-03-05 ( 2118 reads )

Zahidan :

The Imam of Zahedan central Masjid, Mawlana Abdolhamid Baloch said on Friday, that plan were being hatched to divide Iranian occupied Balochistan in three parts and word ‘BALOCHISTAN’ will not be included.

Sources reported that Iran will divide Western Balochistan in three parts and name them as Sistan, Makuran and Walayat while completely removing the word ‘BALOCHISTAN’. Mr Abdolhamid said the new revelation has created a wave of concern among Baloch scholars, academics, tribal notables, students and people from all spheres of life.

He said, “Balochistan is our national identity and it is an eternal part of history. Even word ‘SISTAN’ was added to it later. If anyone is planning to remove word ‘BALOCHSITAN’ he will be regarded as our national enemy.”

He further said even if the division of Balochistan was necessary then Khurasan is a good example – it was divided in three parts but the word ‘KHURASAN’ was preserved. He urged the interior ministry and the governor house act wisely.

Iran executes four more Baloch political prisoners

Posted on 2013-02-18 ( 1193 reads )

Zahidan :

The Iranian fascist regime hanged yet another four Baloch in a prison in Zahedan, the capital city of Iranian occupied Balochistan, on Saturday.

The Human Rights Activist (HARANA) has named the four latest Baloch victims of the state’s barbarism as: Gulam Reki, Parviz Mirbalochzahi, Abdulah Barahoui and Mohammad shah Norzai. They were executed on 16 February 2013.

The report further said with elections approaching, the brutal regime of Iran has accelerated the murder of Baloch prisoners under-custody.

Just two weeks ago on Wednesday on 30th January 2013, five Baloch prisoners named: Nezar Shahbakhsh son of Allahdad, Abdullah Shahbakhsh son of Asad, Nematullah Shahbakhsh son of Wali Mohamad, Abdul Rahman Shahbakhsh son of Yousef and Saleh Nutizahi were executed in the city of Kerman.

It is pertinent to mention that the Iranian regime never provides any legal attorney to the political prisoners. Their fate is decided by the kangaroo court of Iranian mullahs out of public sight. The regime also often refuses to hand over the bodies of the executed persons to their families.

Iran Hangs 13 Prisoners including five Baloch

Posted on 2013-02-01 ( 1071 reads )

Zahidan :

Iranian authorities have hanged five Baloch prisoners on Wednesday (January 30).

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported that five Balouch prisoners were executed in Kerman on early Wednesday morning.

The victims were named as Nazar Shahbakhsh S/O Allah Dad, Nematollah Shahbakhsh S/O Assad, Abdollah Shahbakhsh S/O Wali Mohammad, Abdorrahman Shahbakhsh S/O Youcef and Saleh Notizahi.

The five prisoners sentenced to death by the Iranian judiciary. They were off loaded from a passenger bus about five years in the Sirjan region in Kerman.

Another Six prisoners convicted of drug trafficking were hanged in Esfahan, on Sunday morning, January 27th of 2013. Two of them were women. One of them was Afghan citizen.

Forced Confession Of Baloch Political Prisoners In Iran

Posted on 2013-01-27 ( 1330 reads )

Zahidan :

We fear their execution will happen soon, thus asking international community and human rights defenders to intervene and put pressure on the Iranian government to halt the prisoners’ execution and provide them open and fair trial with access to their own defense lawyers.

Iranian official television has broadcasted forced confession of some Baloch political Prisoners most of them were arrested in March, April and May 2012. They confess of their involvement in assassination of Mr. Mulavi Mostafa Jungozahi.

Most of the people in the region believe that Mulavi Janguzahi has been assassinated by the regime’s own security forces, in order to justify their plan for arresting Baloch activists and terrorizing people in Balochistan. Even Mulavi Mostafa Jangozahi's family members have rejected these people’s involvement in the assassination plot.

Given the regime’s fear of uprising by oppressed nationalities people against open discrimination, it is using its most fearful instrument of forceful confession and execution in the regions of oppressed nationalities. In the recent weeks the regime has convicted to death also Kurdish and Arab political prisoner in Iran. They also have been shown in TV where they have confessed their connection to foreign countries and assassinations.
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