Baloch Liberation Army denies news of commander being killed in Afghanistan

Saturday, January 24th, 2015 08:50 pm

Baloch Liberation Army

The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Army, Meerak Baloch, has denied rumours of Pakistani media that a commander of BLA, Kareem Marri, was killed in Qandahar, Afghanistan.

Mr. Baloch said: “It is important to clarify that neither our organisation has any network in Afghanistan nor there is any commander named Kareem Marri in BLA.”

“The main objective of such baseless propaganda by Pakistan is to give momentum to Pakistani terrorism in Afghanistan. This is not a new phenomenon as Pakistan has continuously been following these tactics to falsely associate Baloch liberation struggle with India and Afghanistan in order to intensify Pakistani extremism and terrorism in Kashmir and Afghanistan,” said Meerak Baloch.

According NNI Mr. Meerak Baloch said that Pakistan has been unable to present any concrete evidence at any forum to prove their claims. Pakistan is devising many designs to counter International pressure against its terrorism. Pakistan is misleading international community that it is acting against extremists but in reality it is using its military might against innocent tribal Pashtuns and protecting religious extremists as their national asset.

“Lately officials of Punjabi state have been visiting Afghanistan to mislead the International Community and the new Afghan government and on the other hand they started propaganda against members of our organisation about their alleged presence in Afghanistan and spreading rumours about death of a member of BLA in Afghanistan to intensify pressure against Afghan government. We hope Afghan International community and the Afghan government will understand evil designs of Punjabi state and they will not give in to Pakistani lies,” said the spokesman of Baloch Liberation Army.

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