The Awaran Genocide  

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 12:21 am


The bloody history of Pakistani state oppression against Baloch nation is not quite new but form past few years the abduction of Baloch ordinary masses and killing dumping their decomposed bodies across the Balochistan and silence of United Nations, European Union countries and others human rights organization encouraged Pakistan to bombard  Baloch villages by their gunship helicopters and jets. Similarly Pakistan has succeeded in suppressing the voice of Baloch people by placing an unannounced ban on local and international media in Balochistan, particularly in interior Balochistan’s affected areas.

In all previous military operations so far the most bloodiest operation has been conducted in district Awaran’s Malar, Kolwah, Mechi and Zek areas of Balochistan. According sources this recent offensive was initiated at the dawn of Muslim Festival Eid ul Fiter by the Pakistan army’s infantry and air force using gunships and jets, due to heavy bombardment three remote villages have reportedly been completely demolished.

There are unconfirmed reports – unconfirmed due to lack of media access in the areas –  that more than 100 people including women, children and elderly have been murdered in the fresh foray, but causalities are feared to increased more in numbers because first aid is not available to those who were injured in airstrike or ground offensive, entire area is cordoned off by the army and they are not letting anyone to enter the area not even medics and neighbouring villagers to make to help shift the injured victims to hospitals for treatment.

Eye witness claimed that there is a grave scarcity of food and water due to continuous bombardment and army presence in the area, it has also been confirmed that a great number of victims are women and children who were killed in this indiscriminate onslaught of Pakistani military.

Not only people are being killed in this onrush, they are also being captive and hundreds of innocent Baloch women, young and old age men are shifted to unidentified locations and their fate is yet unknown, on Eid day at early morning army entered the Village of Zek after huge loot and plunder they set this entire village ablaze, the captives also include an aged woman along with her daughter, local sources reported.

If comparison to the recent terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia, America, Tunisia, Iraq and different other countries in world, the Awaran carnage is the worst act of terrorism. But  such a huge incident where hundred people were killed and three villages were raised to round could not attract the local and international media because of the complete media blackout and lack of interest of international community and human rights organizations. This is all being carried out by army under a systematic planning. The local media is solely dependent on army’s narrative that every innocent civilian killed is portrayed as a ‘militant’ to conceal their failure and crimes against humanity.

In the wake of Pak-China economic agreements a number of analysts has already point out that a huge scale of military oppression will be started in this region, and one by one all areas would be evacuated which are being perceived a possible hurdle to Pakistan-China so called economic project. The analysts had also expressed that the Baloch people in these areas will be forcibly expelled.

This recent onslaught proves that Pakistan wants to use its full might and accelerate the Baloch genocide to complete its ‘development projects’.  It is pertinent to note that few days ago the so-called Provincial Secretary Akbar Durrani has publically confessed that Pakistan is preparing to use drones in different areas of Balochistan. He also said that the Pakistan army has full support of the so called democratic government of Pakistan for the purpose of drone attacks.   Such a horrendous plan indicates that in coming days Pakistan plans to expand and intensify its genocidal policies across Balochistan.

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