Balochistan: Eight bullet-ridden bodies found in Kalat, teacher abducted from Turbat

Monday, September 7th, 2015 01:45 am


At least eight bullet riddled bodies were found dumped in Besima and Kalghali, a desolated area of Surab in District Kalat on Sunday.

Balochistan national media sources reported that some passer-by first saw four bodies in mountainous region in Kalghali on Sunday morning and informed the Levis forces.

Two bodies were reportedly found in the same area from a short distance where earlier four bodies were discovered.

The Levis shifted the bodies to the civil Hospital Surab for autopsies and identification.

Another two bodies were found dumped in Besima area of Balochistan which have been shifted to a Basic Health Centre in the region.

The deceased were reportedly shot in the head and the bodies bore recent bullet wounds.

According to the local authorities in Kalat the bodies age between 25 to 50 years old.

Large numbers of people rushed to the hospital to identify the bodies. However, until the filing of this report the bodies have not been identified yet.

Some Baloch social media activists reported that the bodies found dumped in Surab and Besima could be that of previously abducted Baloch activists.

BBC Urdu reported that discovery of tortured bodies started after 2007 in Balochistan and the kill and dump still continues.

Earlier the Voice for Missing Persons, an organisation striving for safe recovery of abducted, has reported that the Pakistani security forces have started to kill the abducted Baloch in sham encounters.

The VBMP also reported that bodies of many previously abducted Baloch were dumped during military operation claiming that they were killed during operations.

The Pakistani government claims that recovery of mutilated bodies have decreased but Baloch political and Human Rights organisation reject the reports of government and say that military operations, abductions and kill and dump continue unabated in Balochistan.

Meanwhile Pakistani forces also abducted a Baloch teacher namely Sher Jan son of Waheed Has Turbat Balochistan on Sunday.

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