Balochistan: Pakistani force attacked a football match and abducted four Baloch players

Monday, December 5th, 2016 01:32 am


QUETTA: Pakistan paramilitary FC and their local collaborators attacked a football match in Mastung Balochistan and abducted at least four players on Sunday.

Balochwarna News sources reported the Pakistani forces surrounded the football ground in Killi Sargad area of Kardgaap in Mastung and kept the hundreds of people hostage for several hours before abducting four Baloch footballers.

The abducted players have been named as Shoaib son of Mir Ghulam Rabbani Sarparah, Abubakr Hasrat son of Mohammad Bakhsh Saprarah, Mushtaq son of Takari Saifullah Sarparah and Ghulam Rasool son of Maula Bakhsh Saparah.

Among the abducted players, Abubakar Hasrat aka Hasrat Baloch is also a Balochi language singer.

Eye witnesses reported that the players were beaten up on spot, blindfolded and dragged to official vehicles of para-military FC.

Mastung city, situated about 50km South of Balochistan’s capital Quetta, has always been under the watch of Pakistani forces.

Previously Pakistan forces abducted several Baloch including well-known student leader Zakir Majid Baloch from Paring Abad area of Mastung in 2009.

The whereabouts of Zakir Majid and thousands of other remain unknown to this day.

In the past Pakistani forces abducted and disappeared Baloch lawyers, students, singers, poets, Human Rights activists, and other educated people from different sections of Baloch society.

However, on Sunday the Pakistan forces turned their guns to Baloch sportsperson by abducting the footballers.

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