Balochistan: 19 people abducted from different areas, Dasht offensives continue

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 01:48 pm


QUETTA: Pakistani forces carried out offensives in different cities of Balochistan on Monday and abducted at least nineteen people as Dasht operation enters the 35th consecutive day.

Sources from Balochistan reported that Pakistani forces including the army, paramilitary and intelligence agencies have attacked several regions of Dasht Turbat including Kapkapar, Gohrag Hassen, Kumbeel and Ball Cross in district Kech Balochistan and abducted five men.

In Kapkapar Pull Kalat area of Dasht Pakistani forces abducted three brothers namely Yasif Safar, Murad Khan Safar, and Javed Safar whereas Babo Saeed was abducted from Kumbeel area, and Jameel Shikari son of Raheem Bakhsh was abducted from Gohrag Hassen Bazar.

The Pakistani forces have broken window and doors of houses during these offensives and harassed women and children. They also broke into a local dispensary and took away medicines.

“Our houses are already under attack but now Pakistani forces are also attacking schools (including girls school) and medical stores/dispensaries to deprive people of education and healthcare,” a resident told Balochwarna News on conditions of anonymity.

It is pertinent to remind that Pakistani forces already abducted two brothers of Jameel Shikari named Naseer and Khalil on 2nd November this year.  Their whereabouts remain unknown.

Similarly, son of Babo Saeed has been abducted around four months ago, who is still in the illegal custody of Pakistani forces.

The Dasht region of Turbat in district Kech is an important part of CPEC route and close to Gwadar that is why it has been under constant military attacks from last 35 days.

Local sources reported that Pakistani forces have conducted 53 offensives in Dasht region in past 35 days and abducted more than 136 people whose whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

Separately, Pakistani forces attacked Zehri region of Khuzdar Balochistan and abducted ten people. The names of the victims of enforced-disappearance could not be ascertained until the filing of this report.

Khuzdar also like Dasht underwent several military attacks and several Baloch youths have been abducted and killed from this region. Both Pakistani forces and army-backed terrorists headed by religious fanatic Shafiq Mengal carry out frequent attacks against pro-freedom Baloch in Khuzdar.

Meanwhile, in Awaran’s Buzdad and Maalaar areas Pakistani forces abducted four persons. The security forces have reportedly confiscated National Identity cards of several people including women and children.

The abducted men have been named as Khair Mohammad son of Noor Mohammad, Fakeer Jan son of Saeed Mohammad, Elahi Bakhsh son of Fateh Mohammad and Sabir son of Fateh Mohammad.

There was no clue about the whereabouts of all nineteen abducted persons until filing of this report.

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