Free world should support our struggle to regain independence: Hyrbyair Marri

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 09:49 am


LONDON: The pro-freedom Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement from London on Saturday said that Pakistan was made in the name of Islam only to protect the interests of Muslim Punjabis. Balochistan was deceitfully and forcibly made a part of it [Pakistan] to loot and plunder Balochistan’s natural resources. Now the Muslim Punjabis have also made China their partner in crime to exploit Balochistan’s natural resources.

The majority Bangladeshi Muslims, who played a role in the creation of Pakistan, had realised after 30 years that they had been deceived in the name of Islam, which ended with the genocide of their nation and rape of their women and children. Whereas the Baloch have been suffering brutalities at the hands of Punjab since past 68 years because of the silence of International Community and China’s support to Pakistan has emboldened it to commit atrocities against the Baloch nation.

The Baloch leader said after withdrawal of Russia from Afghanistan Pakistan has been carrying bloodbath there [in Afghanistan] in the name of Islam. Pakistan from the beginning has considered Afghanistan as its province. However, after the interference and help of international community, the influence of Pakistani proxies had faded away and Afghanistan stood its feet. Now Pakistan has started blackmailing Afghanistan in the same manner it used to blame everything on India. The reality is that Pakistan commits acts of terror and blames them on Afghanistan.

Expressing his view on the recent attack on Sehwan Sharif in Sindh, Hyrbyair Marri said, “Summoning the Afghan diplomats to the military headquarter after the blast confirms that fact that Pakistan is a military state. The military is still not ready to accept the sovereignty of Afghanistan, they [military] considers Afghanistan their province and after the occupation of Balochistan, they are dreaming of occupying Afghanistan.”

Comparing Balochistan’s occupation with the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq, Mr Marri said, “When Iraq occupied Kuwait and declared it as its 19th province. The Muslim world and several other countries sided with America to regain the independent status of Kuwait, which was a good step to stop one powerful nation from occupying a small neighbouring nation.
“Pakistan also forcibly occupied Balochistan and illegally made it a province but the whole world remained silent. Perhaps at that time, the world was unaware of Pakistan’s cunningness and deceptions, but now the world is fully aware of Pakistan’s foxy and deceptive nature after it provided a safe sanctuary to world’s top terrorist Osama bin Laden and maintained double standards about the Taliban. The International community must not ignore treachery.”

Pakistan has been backstabbing America and NATO by attacking trucks and looting containers that supply support to allied forces in Afghanistan. Now it has started blackmailing Afghanistan with Al-Ahrar bogeyman by attacking Sehwan Sharif thereby sealing off the border and blocking the flow of food supplies to Afghanistan.

The Baloch leader further said that the Afghan territories, under Pakistani occupation, on the eastern part of Durand Line, are also facing worst type of Pakistani terrorism. The Punjabis in Pakistan have started racial profiling of Afghans especially the Pashtuns to destroy their homes and businesses.

“In these difficult times, the pro-Pakistan Baloch parliamentarians are and puppets of Punjabi army are silent over the presence of Punjabi army in Balochistan and Baloch genocide by Pakistan they’ve now become virtual stooges of Pakistan army. However, on the other hand, they’ve now started an outcry over the presence Baloch nation’s brother Afghans in the pretext that they would turn us into a minority. The Baloch parliamentarians have no sympathy for the Baloch nation. All this hue and cry is to please their Punjabi masters in order to create rifts between Baloch and Afghans.”

Mr Marri’s statement further read, “I want to tell them that the real occupier is Punjab when the Punjabis migrate to Balochistan, their domicile are made even before they arrive in Balochistan. They are systematically turning Baloch into a minority in Balochistan. If you can, then stop the Punjabi and Chinese influx in Balochistan, especially in Gwadar, where they’ve now made a sizable number of their illegal presence.”

Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri said that Afghan and Baloch nations are well wishers of each other and peaceful neighbours.

“We would like to have bilateral trade agreements with Afghanistan after or possibly even before the independence of Balochistan that won’t be affected adversely by any political issues which might occur between us after the independence. We favour free trade between the two nations so that our people benefit from bilateral trade and enjoy prosperity. This will also enhance friendship and brotherhood between the two nations. We will solve issues with peaceful dialogue and with mutual respect based on our hundreds of years old historical relations and treaties between the Baloch and Afghan nation.”

The Baloch leader said that Pakistan’s real face of deception and blackmailing are now exposed to the international community.

We urge international community including Afghanistan and India to openly support Balochistan’s freedom because the Baloch struggle is not a religious ideology that preaches hatred against other religions and nation. Neither, it is extremism to talk about our freedom and independence nor can national self-defense be regarded as terrorism.

The principle problem of Baloch crisis is the perpetuation of Punjabi colonial rule over Balochistan and the genocide of Baloch nation committed by Punjabi army of Pakistan. To dupe the international community about Balochistan crisis, Pakistan continues to associate Baloch struggle with terrorism and raises the bogeyman of communist ideology and agenda to the way of Baloch genocide and justify its occupation over Balochistan.

Hyrbyair Marri hoped that the international community would understand Balochistan crisis and support the efforts of the restoration of Balochistan’s sovereignty as an independent status so that the way of peace and prosperity is paved in the region. “Independence of Balochistan would not only benefit all nations in the region but it would also enable the Baloch nation to play their vital role against extremism and become a progressive partner with peaceful nations to serve humanity.”

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