The annihilation of Baloch Nation

Monday, April 10th, 2017 11:03 am


By Saeed Baloch

Baluchistan declared its independence well before both India and Pakistan on 11 August 1947. unfortunately, the Baloch nation enjoyed the liberty only for seven months.  On 27 March 1948, Pakistan forcibly occupied Baluchistan under orders of Mohammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan who was also the lawyers of Baluchistan (Khan of Kalat). Khan Yar Mohammad Khan was the last ruler of Balochistan with Kalat as its capital.

Before ordering the occupation of Balochistan, Jinnah met the Khan of Kalat and tried to persuade him to join Pakistan in the name of the religion of Islam.  The Khan refused saying that he needed to discuss this matter with the Kalat Parliament, which discussed Jinnah’s offer and overwhelmingly rejected it. The majority decision of Kalat parliament exasperated Mohammad Ali Jinnah who sent the Pakistan army to occupy Kalat and eventually occupy complete Baluchistan. The Khan was arrested and imprisoned but his brother prince Abdul Karim Khan went to the mountains and started fighting against the Pakistani occupying Army.

Pakistani Army not only occupied Balochistan but killed thousands of Baloch civilians including women, children and aged. Many Baloch houses and villages were burnt. Prince Karim fought bravely for one year before the Pakistani parliamentary leaders called him for peaceful negotiations and to consider his demands for freedom of Baluchistan. The Pakistani civilian and military leadership swore by the Holy Quran that they wanted to talk with him and that he would not be arrested or harmed if he came down for negotiations.

Prince Karim who also respected the Quran thought that the Pakistan being a Muslim country would respect the holy Quran but he was wrong. Prince Karim was arrested as soon as he came for the talks. No one on the spot talked to him. The Pakistani Parliament broke the oath of Quran.

That is how Pakistan invaded Balochistan, enslaved the Baloch nation and used religion for its political and military gains. Till date, Pakistan uses religion as a blackmailing tool for its military and political purposes against the rest of the world.

Since the invasion on Baluchistan, Pakistan has been trying to eliminate and annihilate the Baloch nation from the face of the earth to plunder Baluchistan’s natural resources and land. Pakistan used different means and tactics to crush the Baloch liberation struggle against the illegal occupation of the sovereign Baloch state by Pakistan.

In April 2009, Pakistan Army launched its new policy called, kill and dump, across Baluchistan. The first high-profile victims of state’s new policy of KILL AND DUMP in Balochistan were Ghulam Mohammed Baloch the president of Baloch National Movement, Lala Munir, and Sher Mohammed Baloch. They were abducted from their lawyer (Kachkol Ali’s) office in a broad daylight by Pakistani security forces on 3 April 2009.

A week later 9 April 2009 their mutilated and bullet-riddled dead bodies were found in Paidarak area of Turbat. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch had also played a pivotal role played in the case of UN official Mr. John Solecki’s safe release. Mr Solecki, an American national, was abducted by BLUF to highlight the plight of Baloch people under the occupation of Pakistan. He was released unharmed with the interference of key Baloch leaders and one of these leaders was Ghulam Mohammed Baloch.

Pakistan army continued THE KILL AND DUMP policy by killing and dumping thousands of Baloch political activists including women to put an end the Baloch national struggle. The world history, however, unveils the fact that nations cannot be crushed and defeated with the sheer use of forces unless they themselves take to give in to atrociousness. The Baloch as a nation demonstrated this historical actuality by raising their voice each time even more effectively when Pakistani state intensified its atrocities in Baluchistan.

Having failed to crush Baloch independence movement at the barrel of the gun, Pakistani state conducted its new policy of conversion of the population, on which Pakistan Army and ISI plan to turn Baloch population into a minority by settling in outsiders in Balochistan. The conversion of the population is an ancient and a formidable design to keep a nation enslaved for good. We see such a method used in America and Australia where the natives were converted into splinter groups.

Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for at least 50,000 years or probably longer. they currently represent about 2.2 percent of the population. Aboriginal populations and languages have declined and disappeared. whereas Europeans became the majority and dominated over the culture and the languages of the native aborigines. In the same way, since the end of the fifteenth century, the migration of the Europeans to America had compelled the Red Indians to turn into less than half. Red Indians were forced off their land and made to relocate. Wars were fought and blood was shed to deprive them of their own language, culture, and national identity. Today They can be counted on the figure of one hand.

Pakistan follows the same formula to create a circumstance in Baluchistan so that such an exercise can be tantamount to turning the Baloch population into a minority in their own homeland. The ongoing genocide in Baluchistan, committed by Pakistan state security forces, is part of the policy of conversion of the population which has compelled the region’s people to migrate to other countries

Pakistan Army is engaged in massacring Baloch people. Every day Pakistani state security forces slaughter Baloch including women and children. Thousands of Baloch have disappeared, hundreds have been abducted and killed and their bodies have been dumped in public areas. It’s believed that more than one million Baloch people have fled from Baluchistan in the wake of Pakistan army’s terrorism. Reportedly people from Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Makran, Jalawan, Naseerabad, and Bolan have migrated mainly to the border areas of Sindh. Likewise, the Baloch diaspora in the Gulf States and even in Europe has witnessed a sharp rise.

Meanwhile, many Punjabi settlers are being brought from Punjab to various parts of Baluchistan along with their families. All of them hold local certificates Through which they claim to be the native inhabitants of Baluchistan.

On the other hand, according to available statistics, since the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, around 3 million Afghan refugees have been living in Baluchistan. Every one of them has been given a Pakistani National Identity Card by Inter-services intelligence.   When Afghan Taliban head Mullah Mansour was killed last year, by a US drone strike he had a Pakistani ID, which demonstrates the fact that Pakistani state also using the Pashtun immigration for the purpose of converting the Baloch nation into the minority.

Pakistan has ruthlessly treated the Baloch people and tried to evict them from their own homeland. Pakistan has different methods to maintain its illegal occupation over Baluchistan.

The new threat for the Baloch nation is CHINA-PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR that intensified the systematic conversion of the Baloch majority into a minority.  The core issue of the project is that the development would bring an influx of non-Baloch and convert the Baloch into a minority, The CPEC project is something the Baloch have not approved. Even the provincial government has not been consulted and they are bystanders when it comes to the CPEC. Several people have been evacuated from their ancestral homes. local Baloch community in Gwadar would be massively marginalized in case the outsiders are settled there. Non-locals have bought huge swathes of land in Gwadar and it indicates that after 10 years, the Baloch will be reduced to a minority because of the increasing influx of outsiders to the area.

China and Pakistan want to complete the CPEC at any cost even if it means wiping out Baloch people or throwing them from helicopters, on the other hand, the completion of CHINA-PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR is a matter of life and death for the Baloch nation.

It is the time to understand the bitter reality that the Baloch nation is facing an extremely dangerous situation which could lead the nation to elimination and annihilation from the face of the earth like aborigines and red Indians if every Baloch individual does not recognize his or her duty to fight for their survival and existence.

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