Pakistan’s nuclear black market and North Korea

Friday, September 1st, 2017 12:26 am


By Waris Baloch

Lately, the United States of America and North Korea have been exchanging harsh language on top administration level, it seems the diplomatic temperature is increasing by the passage of time. North Korean’s President Mr. Kim Jong-un’s regime is facing tough sanctions supported by its ally China in the UN Security Council. The US President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary ultimatum to North Korea on Tuesday warning Pyongyang not to make any more threats against the United States or they will “face fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

North Korea is a possibility if not a certain threat to the world in future given Kim’s unpredicted personality, it may detonate the nukes or may not but did the world knew from where North Korea got its nukes program? Why the world is not taking any action against Pakistan which has more than 200 nuclear unsafe weapons and most of them are easily reachable to religious extremist groups supported by Pakistan army and the ISI.

North Korea is only threatening to bomb the US airbase of Guam but did not do that yet. Pakistan has been attacking US Air bases in Afghanistan cities since 2002. North Korea did not kill any US combating soldier but Pakistan killed thousands of US and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan using its proxy religious groups such as the Taliban, Al Qaida and the Haqqani network.

In my opinion, the direct confrontation between the US and North Korea is deliberately being fueled by China and Pakistan because the enemies of the US know the nerves of the Donald Trump that he will take action against Kim. If the US starts a war with North Korea, Pakistan and China will easily pursue their evil expansionist designs in the region especially in the subcontinent and central Asia by accomplishing the so-called China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). If the US indulges in a war with North Korea, Pakistan and China will have time to conduct economic and military fencing by the physical presence of China’s People Liberation Army where they already have started building a naval base in Gwadar (Baloch Sea) port.

The increasing number of suicide attacks followed by road side IED blasts and overrunning the army bases of Afghan forces indicates Pakistan is massively investing to put pressure on Trump’s administration to think about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. A few Days back US top officials were heard saying that NATO is losing the war in Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump’s government should not let Pakistan go unpunished for its war crimes in Afghanistan against the Afghan civilians for last 15 years because its rogue army is still coordinating, training, funding and exporting terrorists into Afghanistan. Top leadership and foot soldiers of Taliban and ISIS have safe havens and military sanctuaries inside Pakistan which are a far beyond major threat than North Korea’s verbal threats of a nuclear attack.

The Nukes program of North Korea, Libya and Iran were smuggled and sold by Pakistan’s Dr. AQ Khan (Abdul Qadeer Khan) also known as “Nuclear Spy” by the west, Pakistan will continue its terror trading if not stopped right now.

Mr.AQ Khan succeeded to penetrate nuclear research center in Europe’s Netherland in 1972, for three years he had stolen enough information to make a nuclear bomb. In 1975 he flew back to Pakistan with nuclear designs. Knowing everything about Pakistan’s nuclear and terror intentions the US gave no priority to stop Pakistan from making the nuclear weapons.

It was equally unfortunate that Russians also fell into the trap of Pakistan and fought their war within in Afghanistan whereas the enemy was Pakistan. Pakistan played the same game with Russian then, what it is doing to US and rest of the world today. Pakistan armed and facilitated the Mujahideen and Islamist Jihadists against Russia and Russian kept on killing innocent Afghans. If Russia had taken action against Pakistan, the shape of sub-continent would have been totally different today. Today there would have been no Pakistan or at least not one raving with hate against the West and her neighbors. Letting Pakistan to possesses the nuclear bombs was a catastrophic mistake by Russia, US and rest of the international community.

any further delay in taking immediate action against Pakistan will only allow Pakistan to create more havoc in the region. The US must find new allies in the region. Afghanistan, Balochistan, India, Bangladesh can be the best options for the USA. An independent Balochistan can become a permanent and long-term ally of USA because the Baloch will strive to keep their country safe from radical jihadist for their own national interest and will not allow any religious extremist groups to use their soil against Afghanistan.

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