The butcher of Balochistan at large

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 06:43 pm


By Archen Baloch

The Pakistani dictator and ex-military general Pervez Musharraf lives abroad with his family and enjoys a secure and quality life in London, Dubai and the US.  During 10 years in power as president of Pakistan, he has not only committed war crimes against humanity in Balochistan, but also flouted every international law of which Pakistani itself is a signatory – the nuclear technology proliferation to the very enemies of America – Iran, Libya and N. Korea and Sheltering Al Qaeda and Taliban leadership.

In the eyes of international community, Baloch blood is a discount. That is why the “butcher of Balochistan”, Gen Pervez roams around world’s capitals with great impunity and gives lectures and speeches about world peace, but the lonely Baloch won’t relent in pursuit of justice as much as they can stand against dictators like Musharraf.  In August this year, the Baloch political and human rights activists heckled this brute Pakistani dictator at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo.

The Baloch activists called Musharraf the ‘Butcher of Balochistan’ during the event. Baloch activists rightly protested against inviting Musharraf to a centre where people are awarded peace prizes for their service to humanity and their contribution to the greater good of the world. Inviting Musharraf and allowing him to talk at peace center was as if allowing a brutal murderer to stain the walls of this Nobel place with the blood of innocent people. This dictator is wanted for high treason charges in his own country, yet he roams and gives lectures to the world community at places non-other-then Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo.

However, the world powers especially India, America, and Europe which are constantly being troubled by his abnormal state, called Pakistan, have the moral responsibility to oversee that the Geneva Convention is fully implemented and Musharraf is behind the bars.

The crimes against humanity in Balochistan, violations of international laws that Pakistan has committed and directly against the interests of America and NATO in Afghanistan during his dictatorship presidency are substantial and enough to indict him to International Criminal Court in Hague and interesting thing is that he has openly admitted that his state has sheltered the terrorists in Pakistan in order to wreak havoc in Afghanistan for Pakistan’s interests. He continues to insist that ordering the murder of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti was the right thing he did. He openly admits that Pakistan sheltered Bin Laden and other Taliban leaders and he recently suggested that Dawood Ibrahim may be in Pakistan. He admitted tha. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was involved in Nuclear proliferation.

Under the law of nature and all international conventions, he must be arrested, interrogated and punished for his involvement in war crimes and for working against the interests of America while getting financial and military aid from America at the same time.

Interestingly, on several occasions, he has confessed his all crimes from nuclear proliferation to sheltering Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan and rendering support to Taliban that have killed thousands of American and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan on top of killing thousands of Afghan citizens through religious proxies of Pakistan army.

The brutal murder of American Journalist Denial Pearl in Karachi by ISI must not be forgotten. In Pakistani state narrative and staged drama this murder was attributed to a religious extremist organization, but in fact, it was a state sponsored murder because the deep state of Pakistan didn’t want the facts to go out during Musharraf era. This murder was a clear message for the foreign journalists that their fates won’t be different from that of Denial Pearl if they ever tried to poke their nose into Pakistani internal affairs. Later we witnessed that no international investigative journalist was allowed to enter Pakistan.

Musharraf is directly involved in following crimes and beyond:

  1. Proliferating Nuclear Technology to American Enemies, Libya, Iran and N. Korea
  2. Sheltering Al Qaeda and Taliban leadership.
  3. Putting behind the bars Dr Shakeel Afridi that helped America to get to the world’s number one monster of terrorism and not allowing Americans to see him
  4. Supporting the Taliban Haqqani Network and Hoodwinking successive American administrations.
  5. Dishonouring its commitment to international peace and supporting terrorism.
  6. Committing war crimes in Balochistan against secular Baloch people, The cold-blooded murders of Baloch leadership, like Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti along with his 32 companions and many others.
  7. Ordering military attacks against Baloch civilian populations where thousands of other Baloch men, women and children were killed.

The Gulf States didn’t hesitate to tighten the screws around Qatar when it refused to stop abetting the terrorist organizations, and Pakistan’s record is far worse than that of Qatar’s. Then why this exceptional favour and impunity to Pakistan which left no stone unturned in waging proxy wars against America, India and Afghanistan? It should have faced the economic embargo right after 9/11 instead of showering it with free oil and dollars.

What would likely happen when he is arrested? His arrest would trigger a nasty confrontation between Pakistan army and Nawaz Sharif supporters because Pakistan army would immediately react, but the disgraced Nawaz will be very happy and will not allow his party to accept army dictations, this will sharpen the already antagonism between Nawaz Sharif and Army establishment. Then there remain two options for Punjab dominated Pakistani army either to stage another military coup against Nawaz party government and impose a martial law or accept American demands without a single objection. In either case, Pakistan army reputation in Punjab will severely be dented, here begins the general disillusionment about the capability of Pakistan army in Punjabi general public.

Upon seeing that Pakistan is facing international sanctions and its army grip over state power has weaken, the intimidated Sindhi and Pashtun leadership will be encouraged to demand equal representation in the so called Pakistani parliament or they would opt for their own respective separate states as Sindhudesh and Independent Pashtunistan.

However, for now, the main concern is that an absconder and a murderer, who ordered the disappearing and killing of thousands of innocent Baloch people in Balochistan and duped America and rest of the west in the name of war against global terrorism, openly confesses his crime yet roams freely and remained at large.

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