Jangyz and Gazain Marri were never part of free Balochistan struggle: Hyrbyair Marri

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 11:53 pm GMT +00:00


LONDON: Baloch pro-freedom leader and head of Free Balochistan Movement, Hyrbyair Marri, said on Wednesday that ideological relations for him are more important than blood relations and that his relationship with his ideological friends are very strong.

He said that Jangyz and Gazian were never part of the ideological struggle, and from their behaviour, it seems they have no intention of joining the Baloch national struggle in the future. “I have made it clear in a statement on June 17, 2010, and after in an interview that Gazain and Jangyz Marri preferred their self-interests instead of joining the national movement, and have been working with Pakistani intelligence agencies.”

He also said that Gazian Marri went back to Balochistan under evil designs and conspiracies of enemy state [Pakistan] and is now trying to divide and mislead the Baloch nation.

Hyrbyair Marri said that selfish and self-profiteering people have always been used for states’ interests. Both Iran and Pakistan are using these elements for their designs and interests in the region. On the one hand, Pakistan ISI is using religious extremists in Afghanistan, India and across the world under its heinous strategies to destroy the peace, and on the other hand, Pakistan is creating hurdles in the way of Baloch freedom struggle through its collaborators and agents.

“Today Pakistan’s fraudulence and cunningness is an open secret in the entire world that how Pakistan has been deceiving and cheating its allies from the beginning.” He said that now the US President Donald Trump and other American institution are confirming the Baloch nation’s point of view that states like Pakistan cannot be trusted. Mr Marri said, Iran was using its revolutionary guards and proxies to incite war and promote its expansionist ideology in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Arab countries, and Iran is also using its proxies on the Baloch soil.

“The Iranian protesters, who started their agitation from Mashhad, have also criticised the foreign policy of Iran that Iran started the Cold War strategy in the region and through its hirelings (Proxies) it started a fire which will end up being a terrible war in the region. “Amid Iran’s protest, the Baloch youth have chanted slogans of free Balochistan which is evident that no matter how much force the occupying state’s use against the Baloch people, the Baloch nation will not compromise on their freedom,” Mr Marri said.

He said the world needs to take serious notice of the human tragedies, economic, political and social destruction caused by Pakistan and Iran’s shady policies in the region and support the oppressed pro-democracy circles. “In the context of the new international political and economic changes the international community and in the USA, America should support the Baloch freedom struggle keeping in view Balochistan’s strategic, economic and defence importance,” he added that the Baloch land, because of its strategic importance, is not only connected to international politics but also relates to the Baloch struggle against the Pakistani and Iranian occupation of their land.

Therefore, the world should understand that an independent Baloch state could be the guarantee for peace and the only alternative to stop Iranian and Pakistani terrorism in the region.

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