Balochistan: Freed man rearrested after short-lived liberty, six released from Kohlu

Thursday, July 5th, 2018 01:40 am


QUETTA: A man who enjoyed a day of liberty after eleven months of imprisonment has been abducted again on Wednesday morning by Pakistani security forces in Dasht, district Kech Balochistan.

Source told Balochwarna News that Rashid Baloch son of Khoda Bakhsh, a resident of Kapkapar in Dasht, was released for two days after an ordeal of eleven months but only to be rearrested and disappeared again.

The residents of the region reported that Rashid was first abducted on 31 August 2017 and kept in illegal detention until two days ago. He reached home on the evening of 2nd July but once again he has been arrested during a raid on his house and taken to a military camp on the morning of 4th July.

In another incident, Pakistan army carried out offensives Hoshab region of Turbat and Gresha region of Khuzdar.

The Pakistan forces raided Abdulla Bazar in Hoshab are tortured women and children during its offensives. Pakistani forces also abducted two Baloch youth who have been released after few hours.

On the other hand, Pakistan forces carried out a house-to-house search operation in Gresh region of Khuzdar. The residents have complained of Pakistani forces misbehaviour with inhabits and looting of their household things.

Separately, on 2nd July Pakistani forces released six previously abducted Baloch men in Balochistan’s Kohlu district.

According to detail, the men were arrested and disappeared during raids by Pakistani forces on 1st January 2017 and have been kept incommunicado since their abduction.

The release men have been released as three brothers Khairo Bugti, Sardo Bugti and Lala Bugti whereas two among the other three are also reportedly brothers who include Etbar son of Janda Khan Sherani Marri.

The men were first presented to Jangyz Marri who later handed them over to their relatives in his efforts to win their loyalty for upcoming elections.

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