Balochistan: Bolan military attacks continue for the second week, 40 abducted

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 02:34 am


QUETTA: Pakistani forces have reportedly abducted another 40 people including 15 women from different areas of Bolan district on Tuesday.

The Humgaam News reported that Pakistani military attacks continue on residents of Bolan for the second consecutive week and the military atrocities are intensifying.

Local sources reported that Buzgar, Kalch, Lakkad and several other adjoining regions areas are under military siege and continuous bombardment.

The Pakistan forces have abducted 74 people including 25 women in past two weeks’ attacks on Baloch populations in Bolan.

More than 18 houses have been burned to ashes, “The forces first loot and plunder the houses and then splashes petrol on them to set them ablaze.”

Several injured people mostly women and children are stranded under open sky as the military destroyed their houses and now are not even being allowed to go to hospital.

According to Humgaam News report Pakistani forces have been using an explosive substance to burn standing crops and jangles in areas under their siege.

“The humanitarian organisations are have not been allowed to visit the area and help the wounded Baloch women and children,” Humgaam News site reported.

The economic stability of the people in affected areas depend on livestock and farming but now the military have started either killing their livestock and burning their crops or loading them on military trucks to take them for auction outside Balochistan.

Media has not been allowed visit and report from the war-torn areas of Bolan but local independent sources reported that they are constantly hearing thunder of fighter jets and sound of bombs “It is feared that the number of casualties will rise to a dangerous level in coming days,” a local eye-witness claimed.

Meanwhile the Baloch Liberation Army has once again requested media to immediately visit the areas hit by Pakistani military attacks.

Mr Jeead Baloch, a spokesperson of BLA, said that Pakistan forces have destroyed around 60 houses burned one thousand acre of jangle and crops.

The BLA said in its statement that Pakistani forced abducted 40 women along with 6 kids. “Their adult men were shot dead by military on site,” Mr Baloch said in his statement to media.

Jeeand Baloch added, “All the evidence of military attacks and atrocities have been recorded which will soon be made public and also the names and other details of abducted Baloch women will soon be published to media.

“Despite these inhuman and brutal acts of state the silence of Human Rights Organisation and media is tantamount to collaborating with the occupying state.”

The BLA in their statement said it was against the laws of war and International Human Rights laws to abducted women and children.

The Baloch resistance organisation said that the silence and deliberate ignorance of Human Rights Organisation was forcing them to react in a similar way as the Pakistan forces.

“We will not spare the state forces and even their families and children, said Jeeand Baloch, adding that “the Human Rights Organisation then should not speak against the Baloch freedom fighters, as the same way as they are ignoring Pakistani state’s crimes against Baloch people.”

The BLA has requested media to immediately visit the besieged and destroyed areas to report facts without any prejudice and hesitation so that the lies of the Pakistani state are exposed and brought to the attention of world.

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