Balochistan: Pakistani military operation continue ahead of by-elections in Kech

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 06:54 pm

Pakistani forces

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KECH: The violent attacks of Pakistani forces continue unabated against Baloch civilians in different areas of Baloch ahead of by-elections due tomorrow 31 December. There are reports of casualties from both sides and also of the civilians stranded under the military siege in Kech district of Balochistan.

In past few weeks district Kech has been a battle-ground between Baloch freedom fighters and the Pakistani forces where both parties locked horns ahead of by-election at PB-50 constituency in Turbat. Several Baloch freedom fighters commonly known as Sarmachaar by Baloch people and Pakistan forces have reportedly been killed in Dasht area of Balochistan in past two weeks.

Local sources told Baloch Warna News (BW) that “the entire area has been turned into a valley of death and destruction for its inhabitants.”

The candidates who are contesting elections include Mohammad Akram Dashti, provincial President of National Party, Mohammad Ali Rind from Balochistan National Party (Awami), Qasim Baloch from Balochistan National Party (Mengal) and Haji Akbar Askani of Muslim League (N), they are widely considered as pro-establishment by pro-liberation Baloch activists and Parties.

Candidates of By-elections

Candidates of By-elections


The pro-freedom parties and organisation allege that the parties of above mentioned candidates and their elected representatives at Balochistan assembly are equally responsible for the ‘Baloch Genocide’ by Pakistan army.

Last week all the candidates held a meeting with heads of FC and military in Turbat where they urged the Pakistani forces to intensify their operation to clean the area of ‘terrorists’ a word coined by Pakistan army and its supports for the ‘Baloch Sarmachars’.

On 17 December unidentified armed men abducted five persons who were campaigning on behalf their parties and candidates for by-elections. One of the abducted men is believed to be the brother Akram Dashti one of the main candidates for elections. The next day the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) accepted responsibility for abducting the campaigners.

The current operation in Dasht and surrounding regions of Balochistan by Pakistani army ground forces backed by gunship helicopters and fighter jets is an attempt to pave way for the by-elections in that region but the locals in and around the core areas don’t want elections and they show very little interest in parliamentary process of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s “Kill and Dump” policy and “Collective Punishment” of torching the houses of general public have added fuel to the already strong anti-Pakistan sentiments of Baloch nation.

As the battle continue in several areas of Dasht both Baloch freedom fighters and Pakistani forces suffered loses. According BW sources at least 11 Baloch fighters and 10 Pakistani soldiers including a Lieutenant colonel have been killed in past three weeks.

A 9 years old girl Samreen Baloch was also killed in Dasht during indiscriminate bombardment of Pakistani forces. The ground forces have reportedly abducted dozen of innocent Baloch and set several houses on fire.

Meanwhile the Baloch fighters have also burned houses of two candidates, Mohammad Ali Rind and Akbar Askan presumably in an effort to stop them from participating in by-elections. The Baloch resistance organisations in the area have also warned general public to stay away from polling stations and the candidates.

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