Balochistan: Mobile Network tower blown up in Harnai

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 03:42 pm


QUETTA: Unknown armed persons blew up a mobile phone tower on Saturday suspending phone service in different areas.

According to reports unknown persons blew up mobile phone towers along the mountain of Gacheena area of Union Council, Nakas.

The guard of the tower told that five armed men appeared and took him hostage at gun point and blew up the tower with explosive and fled from the scene.

This was the third mobile tower, which has been destroyed in a year.

Meanwhile, the Baloch Liberation Army has accepted the responsibility of the blowing up the Mobile Network towers.

Jiand Baloch, the spokesperson of BLA said, “We accept the responsibility for blowing the tower. The Mobile Network companies should not extend their networks outside the cities. We will continue such attacks.”

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