Pakistan committing war crimes in occupied Balochistan

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 08:42 pm


By: Kahan Baloch

There is no end to military cruelties in Balochistan. The Baloch continue to face the brunt of a full-scale army aggression by Pakistan in Balochistan; and the people of Balochistan continue to bleed, suffer, and mourn. As a result of this ongoing attack and onslaught of Pakistan army in Balochistan, the numbers of abductions and killings of Baloch people are increasing to an alarming portions day by day.

The Pakistan Army is aiding terrorist cells and it has continuously attempted to subdue the Baloch struggle for their rights and ownership natural resources and freedom of Balochistan. Under media blackout, Pakistan military blatantly represses and kills the dissents voices in Balochistan at its will. As so-called Pakistani free media has compromised its responsibilities by turning a blind eye towards the injustices and atrocities against the Baloch. It is only Baloch social media that is raising the Baloch case and highlighting the atrocities Pakistan military doing on Baloch people.

Civil Baloch intelligentsia is the main target of Pakistan army including intellectuals, journalists, teachers, professors, lawyers, students, farmers, shepherds, and Baloch political activities. Thousands of Baloch have been abducted by Pakistan army without any legal basis and they are illegally subjecting them to the most inhumane and disturbing methods of torture in military secret concentration camps. Recent military operations in and around Sibi, Sangaan, Jalari and Dera Bugti are a blatant example of Pak army aggression in which aged men, women, and daughters and seven other civilians were killed during the operation with no reason at all.

During past 11 years, thousands Baloch enforced been disappeared by security agencies. Thousands of family members of the unfortunate missing persons are waiting for their return. Pakistani Army and intelligence agencies are highly active in furthering, promoting and facilitating the growth of fundamentalism and construction of Madrassahs in Baloch areas in its efforts to radicalise the Baloch people’s secular struggle for freedom. The ultimate goal of Pakistan is to turn Baloch homeland into a breeding ground for religious radical elements thereby undermining the secular Baloch society and freedom movement with dangerous consequences for regional and world peace and stability. Instead of holding Pakistan accountable for human rights abuses in Balochistan, the international community has so far ignored Pakistan’s crimes against humanity against Baloch people.

There is no second opinion about Pakistan’s collaboration and collusion with religious extremist groups and blackmailing the international community including the US in the name of war on terror.  The retired Indian General G.D Bakhshi said in a Zee news TV program that “Pakistani former army chief Raheel Sharif was too clever; before starting the so-called war (Zarb-e-Azb), he informed the terrorist and let them flee Waziristan, hence most of the terrorists escaped to safer places including in some areas of Afghanistan.” It was Pakistan army’s one of biggest plans that it ever made.

Despite all this Pakistani dishonesty, US and rest of the world have never held Pakistan accountable for its deceitfulness to the world for its war crimes in Balochistan. The US and rest of the international community must stop supporting to Pakistan and support the Baloch freedom movement for peace and stability in the region and around the world.

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