Balochistan: Historical sites on the edge of extinction

Saturday, February 4th, 2017 12:11 am


KARACHI: Yalan Zamrani in a brief report on ‘Haal Hawal’ an Urdu News site, wrote that the Baloch historical sites in Karachi are gradually being erased from existence under a conspiracy. First, the historical habitat Baloch romantic character Lallah and Gran Naaz, Lallah Pid, was destroyed under Bahria Town project then the graves of – the Baloch symbol of resistance against British colonialism – Chakar bin Notak’s ancestors were destroyed.

According to the report now another plot is being hatched to attack and destroy the historical and famous Chaukhandi tombs in Malir Karachi. But we are playing the role of silent spectators.

Save Chaukhundi Tombs from Land Mafia

Save Chaukhundi Tombs from Land Mafia

The Ministers, MNAs, MPAs and the district Mayor of Malir are all locals but unfortunately, they are also silent. Their silence proves that they are also involved in this conspiracy [to destroy Baloch historical site in Karachi.] The Baloch nationalists who celebrate ‘Ajrak Day’ and ‘Culture Day’ on 2nd March every year, should also know that celebration of just one day is not a big thing. If you have a land you will have your culture. If your land is gone from you then neither will your language be safe nor your culture.

That is why friends and Baloch youth are requested to come forward to protect and preserve their historical site, raise this issue at every forum and wake the world. BUT, first, we need to wake up and understand all these conspiracies against the Baloch nation.

Remember! Miri Kalat, Tump Kalat (forts of Miri and Tump) and other archaeological sites in Balochistan have either already disappeared or on verge of disappearing. It seems that the government institutions are merely grabbing and embezzlement of funds.

Earlier in Kharan the Royal Masjid (Mosque) of the State of Kalat has collapsed and levelled to the ground. The historical places in Balochistan are in a state of helplessness. If the government cannot protect them at least they should not try to erase them either.

Pictures by David Baloch

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