Balochistan’s George Washington

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 12:28 am


By Shahid Baloch

George Washington was a slaveholder in the USA, who had hundreds of slaves in Mount Vernon, where the African American were slaves of the white Americans and slavery was a business at that time in America. When George Washington became the leader of American independence movement. He scrupulously adopted a policy of ending the slavery. The patriotic freedom fighters who were demanding independence from Britain’s occupation had introduced new charter which assured of prohibiting the slavery.

However, they could not openly dare to say anything against slavery because George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton like many intellectual were reluctant to openly finish slavery, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were slaveholders but George Washington attempted to steadily end this system and put his nation on the road to progress and prosperity, he practically uninhabited himself from slavery.

His highest aim and purpose was the independence and success of his nation so he succeeded in achieving that goal by giving sacrifices of his status. He knew the consequences of the nonstop ending of slavery system in a fragile and weak state. He accordingly attempted to abolish slavery in such a problematical society. The statesmanship that George Washington had shown, led his nation towards accurate direction because of his sensible and precise decision, today that country is the super power of the world.

As the slavery was a problem in American movement the same tribal system is an issue in Balochistan. The historical tribal structure of Baloch was based on democratic values and Baloch code of ethics but later when the British invaded Balochistan they totally changed that system and new Sandeman Sarddari system was introduced in Balochistan.

Before the British arrival in Balochistan, the tribal Sardars (Tribal Chiefs) would rally behind masses. A tribal chief was to sort out problems of his tribe with fairness and in times of war or foreign aggression, he would lead the nation. But, after the introduction of   Sandeman Sardari system, most of the Sardar and Nawabs became loyal to the British except few nationalist and brave Sardars and nawab of Balochistan who refused to accept the subjugation of the British colonialism. Nawab Khair Marri 1st among them was the first who stood against the British and fought war against them, same way Nawab Khan Mohammad Zarrakai challenged the British rule over Balochistan.

After the withdrawal of British forces from Balochistan, the new occupiers the Pakistan have started to call Sandman’s Sardari system as the Baloch tribal system. Since Pakistan was the creation of the British Empire it followed the same patterns of British, Pakistan patronised all those Sardars and middle class who were loyal to it. Nawab Khair Marri 2nd like his grandfather never accepted the slavery of Pakistan. He continuously raised his voice and advocated for the independence of Balochistan till his last breath. On the other hand few educated middle class like Dr Hai, Dr Malik, Kahoor Khan, Raziq Bugti, Habib Jalib, Akram Baloch and their likes were more interested in name and fame in Baloch national movement and they were also unfairly hostile toward Baloch tribal system but all these middle classes like Benedict Arnold deceived the Baloch nation and later they  became the followers and selected puppets of Pakistan

Luckily, we Baloch have a George Washington whom many of have not yet recognised and many despise him because of his honesty and dedication to the Baloch liberation struggle.  Hyrbyair Marri son of late Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri is the pioneer of the current Baloch struggle for national salvation. Yes, he took part in elections once and even become a Minister but according to his own words wanted to be in the system to experience it and wanted to know how Pakistan is using it corrupt system to brainwash the Baloch to accept Pakistan slavery.

Imagine, if he wanted he could live a luxurious life but he has chosen a new way of giving a new shape to the Baloch freedom movement and he certainly succeeded in spreading this movement to all four corners of Balochistan.

Hyrbyair Marri is a man of principle and discipline for the broader Baloch national interest he has not compromised with his brothers and family members. He is the only one leader in Balochistan who never ever tried to found a middle ground with Pakistan, his stance like George Washington on national independence is very clear. He is realistic and all his policies concerning on Baloch freedom movement have so far been gainful and in the wider national interest of Baloch people.

In my opinion, after Yousaf Aziz Magsi Hyrbyair Marri is the second Nawabzada who distanced himself from traditional Sardari or as described now as the tribal system and after the death of his father he announced that his father was the last Nawab of Marri tribe. In his view, it is time for Nawabs limit their power to their tribal matters only and transfer the national power to the pro-freedom youth of Balochistan. He is also clear that after the freedom of Balochistan the democratically elected parliament of Balochistan will be sovereign and Nawabs, Sardar and even the freedom loving forces (Sarmachars) must transfer their power to the parliament and judiciary in Balochistan.

There is no doubt that if Hyrbyair Marri desired he would be the next to inherit the title of Nawab Marri but he refused to be the next Nawab but like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson Hyrbyair Marri and his friends drafted and presented the first every road map in the history of Baloch struggle – the Balochistan Liberation Charter. The BLC pledges for a democratic and secular government in Balochistan and slow but sure abolition of Sandeman Sardari system and other words nepotism in Baloch politics.

The Balochistan Liberation Charter is future Balochistan document where it assured that after getting independence they would prepare to promote Baloch culture, standardise the Balochi language, and put the Baloch nation on the road to progress and richness. The Balochistan Liberation charter pledges to guarantee and respect the right of all minorities living in Balochistan. Alike George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Peter the Great Hyrbyair Marri is the hope of Balochistan’s independence, unity, and prosperity.

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